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How To Make The Extraordinary, Ordinary

To be a top sales person requires the ability to go above and beyond the norm every single day. As a professional sales person, your job is to do things that are quite remarkable on a routine basis. Incredible Think about what it means to make a sale from a cold call: You contact someone who has never heard of…

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Do Not Take Your Best Sales People For Granted

Ok, when the sales person started with your firm, you thought that he or she was a prodigy. You then invested the time and money to get the sales rookie up to speed. You eventually established difficult, yet achievable goals and quotas. A Big Deal Finally, the sales person began to hit the mark. The first few times that happened,…

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To Be A Top Sales Person, Just Follow The BASICS

Everyone and anyone in the business of professional selling wants to know, “How can I become a top sales person in my industry?” Most sales people have a desire to be the best, and of course, that achievement requires working hard as well as smart. However, with all of the millions of tips out there, I believe I can break…

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