Successful Salesperson? Don’t Do These 5 Things!

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You’ll have read lots of information on what you need to do to improve your sales.

I have thought about it from a different perspective and come up with things that you shouldn’t do!

Keep away from these concepts and you should avoid a lot of the traps associated with failure, many times without even knowing the reasons why.

Don’t Do Things That Will Make You Someone You’re Not

By this I mean you have to be authentic, have integrity and be honest with yourself.

If you try to be someone by forcing yourself down the wrong road, you will struggle to keep up with it because there are many pitfalls associated with trying too hard. If you are a more reserved and methodical salesperson then be that. If you’re an assertive salesperson, then be that person. Just be you.

Being authentic is one way to proceed without the stress and pressure of trying to conform.

Don’t Try And Change Someone Else

Have you tried changing your manager by force?

It never works.

If you attempt to change someone else’s way of working, or ask them to be someone they can’t or won’t be, you run the risk of forcing them to be even more dogmatically the other way!

Let them be themselves.

Don’t Try To Please Everyone

Trying to please your clients, your prospects, your manager, suppliers, or others is a road paved with drawing pins.

Bending over backwards to appease everyone is impossible, because there will never be a situation where everyone will be thinking similarly.

Their goals and aspirations will be different to yours and to each others, so don’t even attempt it

Don’t Forget To Learn From Mistakes

Many salespeople try to keep doing the things they have always done, only better or smarter.

Not learning from mistakes is a hard lesson.

We need to use the past as a school, always learning what is the most important lesson we get from not just our failures, but also our successes

Don’t See Yourself As A Victim Of Circumstances

If you see everything you do as being affected by circumstances outside your control, you instil a ‘blame-game’ mindset inside yourself.

Nothing is your fault and everything you do is affected negatively.

If you’re a victim, no-one likes to be near you, as your negativity will often rub off on them.

Remember, you attract circumstances by your thinking, your attitudes, your beliefs and your actions.

Blaming other things for what goes wrong will never bring you the results you crave.

Bear in mind these things that successful salespeople DON’T do, and you’ll soon eradicate the reasons and rationale that unsuccessful people use to justify their poor results!

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Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 9 August, 2017

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