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Operations Assistant

Daniel is responsible for looking after our in-house clients here at MTD.

He has a fine eye for detail and insures that every training programme runs smoothly from start to finish. His clients include Pontins, Guinness World Records and ICS Cool Energy to name a few!

Daniel has a wealth of experience in customer service starting in hospitality and working his way into the financial industry as a mortgage underwriter for the Coventry Building Society. He also has a national diploma in Multimedia and has taken several customer service related vocational courses.

Outside of MTD Daniel enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Kelly and little boy Jack. Jack is the most demanding customer he has ever had to deal with but of course the most rewarding.

He also enjoys films and gaming (but not films about games!). He is a huge fan of TV shows including Game of Thrones, Goodnight Sweetheart (for the nostalgia) and various animes.