How To Use The Internet & Social Media
For Prospecting, Personal Branding, Networking &

For Engaging The C-Suite Decision Maker

eselling® creator Sean McPheat delivering a keynote to 1,000 sales professionals on the subject at the ISMM’s Successful Selling Conference at the Ricoh Arena


73 percent

With the latest market research figures like those above it’s no wonder that cold calling is becoming more and more difficult.

Your buyers are also taking the lead in their purchasing decisions by using the internet for research and to short list potential suppliers.  

If you’re looking for a new and modern way to prospect and sell then eselling® will be the exact approach that you are looking for.

Based upon Sean McPheat’s #1 Amazon bestselling book, eselling® will show you how to use the internet and social media to find qualified decision makers and will show you how to engage with them properly.

The eselling® approach will also help you with your personal branding and will help to position yourself as an expert within your field so that you can always command the top prices without any discounting!

It helps you to create and build a personal brand with which people can identify, relate to or at least connect with. eselling® shows you how to create virtual “real estate” online. Each piece of property is branded with you and points your prospects and clients back to more detailed information on you, your products, your company and your offers.


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More and more organisations, both large and small, are contacting us to help them create their own unique eselling® model.

Certain aspects of eselling® will be consistent but others will depend on your industry, what you sell and how you sell it.

For example, for most B2B organisations, LinkedIn will be your main social media outlet for prospecting and engaging with decision makers. For other companies this might be Twitter, Facebook pages or a combination of all 3.

Sean McPheat at Synaxon

Sean McPheat delivering a keynote on eselling® to 500 IT professionals


What Will You Gain From eselling®?

You will be able to:

  • Use an effective and consistent approach for using the internet and social media for prospecting, business development and account management activities
  • Build up a personal brand online that positions you as an industry expert (this can also be used offline prior to client meetings)
  • Hunt out the key decision makers, prospect online, “listen for leads” and gain introductions to the people that you want to get in front of
  • Build up a contact strategy for prospects in your pipeline and for your existing clients in terms of ongoing educational and positioning

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A Typical Course Agenda

Each company will have their own unique eselling® approach and model.

For example, some companies will be better suited to use LinkedIn as their predominant prospecting tool and for others, Twitter and Facebook pages may be more applicable.

At the end of the day it all comes down to what you sell and how you sell it.

Whatever “mix” we choose to adopt together all of the workshops will be a mixture of covering the content and also working on the internet LIVE.

eselling® Overview

  • Why are you here!
  • What is eselling®?
  • What it is not!
  • Understanding the pay off
  • Covering the core components of the eselling® Model
  • What is the end game?
  • What’s it going to take to succeed
  • Action planning

Online Intelligence Planning

  • Objectives of this session
  • How your prospects use the internet
  • LIVE research: Snooping on your prospects and clients. Where do they hang out?
  • LIVE blog, forum, social media hunting
  • How to use Google Alerts for competitor analysis and intelligence on your prospects
  • Using keyword research to understand your buyers needs and wants
  • Action planning

Social Media Masterclass

Within this session we will cover the most applicable social media sites for your industry and what you sell.

It could be any one from LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter or indeed, any combination thereof.

Whilst eselling® is a tailored in-house programme, we do run a “LinkedIn For Sales Professionals” workshop as an open course.

  • What is it?
  • Why use it?
  • Elements of a winning profile
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Inviting people and growing your network
  • Searching for prospects
  • “Listening online”
  • Conversation finding
  • Personal v Business use
  • Action planning

Personal Branding

  • What is a personal brand?
  • Why is it important?
  • Examples of online personal brands from sales people
  • Planning your “own brand”
  • Generating content and PR to support the brand
  • Creating your online authority – where to be seen
  • Blogging, running a blog, forum contribution
  • How to get in the press for free via the internet
  • Action planning

Listening For Leads

An intense, LIVE internet session where we’ll take your main products and services and hunt out leads LIVE on the internet for each one.

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Next Steps & Options

eselling®, the book, is available to buy via Amazon and is also an in-house, tailored programme.

Sean McPheat is also available for keynote talks on the subject of eselling®

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