Demand for eselling® training is becoming more and more popular and we are looking to expand our international training partner network.

The eselling® training partner programme (etp) is ideal for:

  • Independent Trainers who want to add an additional revenue stream to their business in a much sought after topic
  • Training Companies who want to be able to offer eselling® training as part of their portfolio
  • Organisations that want to roll out eselling® to its salesforce through their own trainers and hence save on external training fees

Through an extensive train the trainer programme and the ongoing support that we will provide you with, you will soon add real value to the services that you currently provide.

As an eselling® training partner you will:

  • Receive train the trainer training and full certification to deliver the programme
  • Receive all of the slides, handouts, trainer notes, deleguides and examples to use
  • Receive invitations to ongoing education programmes with regards to updates

The Pathways To Certification

There are two ways in which you can become a Certified eselling® Facilitator.

If you are an independent trainer or if you work as a trainer for your company then you can attend one of our eselling® certification workshops that we run throughout the year at various locations.

You will have the opportunity to learn the theory and practice your skills as well as receiving all of the materials you need to start delivering eselling® the very next day!

If there are a number of you then we can run the eselling® certification workshop in-House at your premises, at a location of your choice or at our training centre.

This is ideal if there are several trainers or sales managers who want to be able to run and deliver eselling® training to their teams or salesforce.


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