Commercial Development Programme – Online Discovery Forum

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Background Information & Understanding

How are leads generated within Finlays to win new customers and business?

How do you and your teams develop business with current customers?

What is the typical duration to close a sale/bring a new customer on board from your first engagement with them?

Are there any stages of the current sales process where you are finding common issues or challenges?

Why is there need for a sales development programme within Finlays and why now?


Understanding Your Customers

Do you engage procurement roles during the sales process?

Do you engage other roles beyond procurement roles during the sales process?

Do you have one set decision making role or are there multiple decision makers involved?

Is your relationship with your customers most often a transactional, consultative or strategic sales relationship?

Are there any customer types you are aware of as being a particular challenge for your team?

Do you believe cross functional and cross level engagement would generate more business?

If yes, what is preventing you from doing this?


Understanding Your Challenges

What are the most common objections or areas of resistance that you face?

How do you find the team currently handle these objections?

What negotiation parameters do you have?

What do you have to “trade” in a negotiation?


Commercial Team Performance

How do you feel your team as a whole are currently performing in their role and against what is expected of them?

Please provide any examples/insight to support your above rating:

What are the three development areas you would like your team to improve upon as part of this programme?


Sales Aids & Commercial Support

Do you use any models to sell that we should be aware of?

Is there any specific terminology that you use with the company that we should be aware of (ie we don’t use “prospect”, we don’t use “handling objections”)

Do the teams have any sales aids to support them in their role that we should be aware of?

Do they use a CRM system and if so which system do you use?


Role Modelling Excellence

Who is deemed as the best “sales person” within the company in your opinion?

What do they do in their role which others don’t?

What skills do they demonstrate which stand out from others?


Previous Training & Development

What (if any) training has your team engaged with previously?

How effective was the training?

Please provide any examples/reasons why to support your above rating:

If you have selected Effective or Significantly effective above, please provide examples of any impacts on the individuals, their customers or the business as a whole from their engagement with the training:

What training style do you feel works best for your teams?

What ongoing development occurs with your teams?

What support do they receive from yourself or their line manager?