3 Important Tips To End The Call Properly After Setting The Appointment

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Businessman on the phone with thumbs upThe sales person invests a ton of time and money getting the correct contact information.  He then calls several times to reach the decision maker and works hard to get pass a tough gatekeeper screen.  He overcomes several objections with the prospect and finally sets the appointment.

However, now elated and a bit anxious that the prospect may change her mind; he rushes off the telephone, causing the prospect to experience immediate buyer’s remorse.  Surely enough, the appointment ends in a cancellation or a no-show.

Setting the appointment is not the end of the telephone call.  You must end the call appropriately and here are three powerful tips to help you do that.

Summarize and Reconfirm
After setting the appointment, first summarize the information and reconfirm the appointment.  Double check dates, times and other factors.  This may seem redundant or you may feel it is a waste of the prospect’s time.  However, it is important.  Let the prospect know that you are someone who is careful never to make mistakes or cause misunderstandings.

“Once again, Ms Prospect, I really appreciate your time here today, and you will appreciate the information I bring to you next week.  Now, let me just double check one more time, I always like to be extremely thorough.  You are located at 635 North Bending Place, and you are going to meet me there, next Tuesday, that’s the 15th at 3:15, is that correct?”

Leave the Prospect with the Logic
Remember that in setting an appointment, you are making a sale.  You have to sell the appointment and treat it as a sale.  So, keep in mind that people make buying decisions based mostly on emotion and then use logic to justify the decision.  Therefore, you use the emotion in setting the appointment, and then wrap it up by leaving the prospect with the logical reasons for the meeting.  Leave the prospect with the numbers, the value, and the benefits he or she will receive from the meeting.  That is, the benefits of the meeting only and not the purchase of your product or service.

“…that’s the 15th at 3:15, is that correct?  And again, Mr Prospect, regardless of whether you decide to business with us or not; in that 30 minute meeting, I am going to show you exactly how to increase your production-line efficiency by 10% or more.”

Let the Prospect Hang up First
Finally, always wait and let the prospect hang up the telephone first.  This may seem like an obvious common courtesy, but it is more.  The sound of you hanging up the telephone can have a lasting negative image in the mind of the prospect.  Also, often the prospect may have a last-second thought or question.  When you go to hang up the telephone, there is a second or two that the telephone is away from your ear, before you actually terminate the connection.  Sometimes, the prospect says something during that brief moment and in return, all they hear is a click.

After, you have expressed your regards, just wait.  Wait until you are certain the prospect has closed the line.

Summarize and reconfirm.

Leave the prospect with the logic.

Let the prospect hang up first…

…and you will consummate more quality appointments, have more sales interactions and close more sales.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 12 September, 2011

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