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Now if you have to make cold calls to set up appointments the following cheat sheet will really help you outt.

Here’s my appointment making cheat sheet! Follow this guidance and you can’t go far wrong when setting up appointments.

STEP 1 – Qualification Is Key

Make sure the prospects that you call are qualified leads

STEP 2 – Do Your Homework

Before you call, check out their company website and find out some information about them. Be prepared.

STEP 3 – Set Your Objectives For The Call

Now you might think this is obvious i.e set up an appointment. But what about your secondary objectives if an appointment is not set? Could it be to gather further info? To find out if they are using someone already? This is really important.

STEP 4 – Tone Down The Smile And Dial

When you open your call tone down the enthusiasm initially until you’ve got something to be enthusiastic about. All sales calls sound the same and if you sound like a “smile and dialler” your prospects barriers will go up “Not another cold caller!”

STEP 5 – Have A Well Planned Not Canned Script

Know how you are going to open your call and how you are going to ask for the appointment and so on.

Don’t be too rigid with a script though because if you get thrown off the script you may get into trouble!

STEP 6 – Sell The Appointment

Don’t sell your products and services just sell the appointment and why you should get together.

STEP 7 – If You Are Faced With Any Objections Then…

State that’s why you need to get together.

“Tell me about your services now…”

You reply with:

“All of our services are completely bespoke John that’s why we need to get together so I can understand about your business and then I can recommend which one of our services will be best for you. Would next Wednesday at 2pm be ok for you?”

STEP 8 – CEMENT Your Appointment

So the prospect has said yes to an appointment. Don’t just rush off the phone in excitement. Instead make sure that you confirm all of the details with the client.

CEMENT stands for:

Confirm the details
Explain what will take place in the meeting
Many thanks
Exonerate – tell them they are making a good decision and the reasons why
Numbers – provide some benefits to the client
Terminate the call with tact

STEP 9 – CONFIRM Your Appointment Just Before

A couple of days before the appointment call or email to confirm that all is still ok.


So there you have the appointment making cheat sheet!

You don’t need any fancy techniques to be a success at setting up appointments – you just need a proven approach. Follow my appointment making cheat sheet and you’ll start to see some real improvement in your prospecting.

Happy Appointment Making!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 26 February, 2009

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