“I Am Happy With My Current Supplier,” Is NOT An Objection

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Young-businesswomanEvery day, I hear from salespeople who are confused, frustrated or defeated by facing what they feel is a nearly insurmountable objection: “I am sorry, but I am very happy with my current supplier/vendor. We have been doing business with them for many years and have no reason to change…”

This position strikes terror in most salespeople and many ask me for advice on how to overcome this objection.

The problem is that this is NOT an objection. It is a matter of fact and should be expected.

In all honesty, how many of you think that a company is NOT using someone else for the product or service you are offering? It’s obvious that, if they may be in business for your products, someone else is already in there, dealing with the need.

It is obvious that the prospective company is already doing business with one of your competitors. Now, if that decision maker were completely unhappy and unsatisfied with that current vendor, do you think he or she would have done something about it by now? What businessperson would continue to do business with a vendor for which they truly did not want to do business? And if, that were the case, then would not that vendor had probably called YOU?

So, the statement ‘I’m happy with my current supplier’ isn’t an objection.

It’s a situation that you should be familiar with, expect to hear and have planned to deal with.

Common Sense
Of course, they are happy with their current supplier or vendor, and you should already assume that. It is not an objection. Therefore, do not take it as an objection and move on. Instead of trying to argue the fact that perhaps you would make a better supplier, take the sales process as it should progress…one-step at a time.

Glad to Hear That
Do not argue the point. Instead, agree and even congratulate the prospect and let them know the reason for your contact at this stage of the sales process.

“Well, I am really happy with our current technical training company. We have been working with them for about ten years, and we are very satisfied.”

Sales Person:
“Great! I am glad to hear that, Paul. I would think that since you have been doing business with XYZ Tech for all of these years, that you are indeed very happy. I am also certain that they EARNED your business.”

Paul, I am not asking you to GIVE me your business because I have NOT earned as they did. However, I’m sure you agree that there have been many technical developments recently, and we have been at the forefront of a lot of interesting research that we are sure would interest you.

All I am asking is that you allow me to give you some valuable information about new developments in our industry over a quick 30 minute meeting. Perhaps in time, I might be able also to EARN some of your business.

Initially, all I’m asking for is a quick meeting that will help you to see how we can add value to the work that XYZ Tech are doing with you”

The Opposite
The situation is the exact opposite of what most salespeople think: Don’t fear the prospect who is happy with their current supplier.

As you see in the above example, there is nothing really to fear. You are offering something of extra value to the prospect, and that’s always a good thing. The prospect will see you as an asset to their company, rather than trying to oust an existing supplier. You add value, and they see the value in you.
Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director
MTD Sales Training

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Originally published: 7 October, 2019

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