4 Tips To Become An Effective Sales Coach

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Writing Text Showing SalesI will make this short and sweet.

Add these four golden rules to your daily management style and you will be a more effective sales coach.

Depending on what you do, and your business structure, some of these may not apply exactly to your situation.

However, you will get the idea.

Lead By Example

The old commanding, “Do as I say, not as I do…” style of management does not work well with today’s modern sales people.

Anyone in an immediate, hands-on, supervisory position should have some hands-on, tangible and successful experience selling the product or service as those on the sales team.

You are far more credible when you have personally done and accomplished those things you tell the sales team they can do and accomplish.

Simply put; if you can’t walk the walk, you don’t talk the talk.

Care About Your Team

I mean this literally.

You should have personal care and concern for the welfare and success of everyone you supervise.

Yes, a lot of it is about money, but you have to care and believe in your people.

People perform at peak levels when they believe that the company truly cares about them.

Praise In Public

Have something good to say about a team member? Make is known!

You want to praise a lot in public.

Recognition is a critical ingredient to a successful sales mentality.

There are times you want to keep some praise private and of course, always keep any negative communication personal.

However, you want to shout the positive congratulations from the rooftops.

Never Let Them Go Home On A Negative

You have may have heard the martial advice that a couple should never go to sleep on an unresolved argument.

As a sales coach, you also should never end the day on an unresolved or negative issue.

A bad day or month, lost sales, mistakes made, whatever the case may be, make sure you give the sales person something positive to take away at the end.

In summary, lead, care, praise, positive!

If you’d like to improve your skills then check out our sales coaching solutions.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 22 March, 2018

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