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Modern buyer coverTHE MODERN BUYER’S PREROGATIVE is an insiders sales improvement report that can quickly make any sales professional understand what selling to the modern and sophisticated buyer of today is all about.

When you “get it”, when you truly understand why the rules of selling need to change to match the modern, educated and sales savvy buyer of today, EVERYTHING CHANGES.

Due to the internet and the easy accessibility of information, the modern buyer of today is holding the hand with all of the aces……..

……that’s only if the sales person has not upgraded their way of thinking to a modern professional sales approach!




Do you understand the modern buyer of today?


  • Do you realise that they are completely and utterly fed up with receiving 10+ cold calls per day along with yours? Is your approach just like the other 10?
  • Do you realise that at least 80%+ of them know the very same sales tactics and approach that you are going to use with them? What do you do differently?
  • Do you realise that they snoop around finding out information about you and your products and services? How do you approach this when you meet with them?
  • Do you realise that “loyalty” is a thing of the past? They want lower prices and more for it too!
  • Do you realise that they have been on the very same courses and have read the same books as you have? They know what’s coming so what makes you so different?
  • Do you realise that with the click of a mouse they can communicate with your competitors faster than ever before and do exactly what they are doing with you with them?
  • Do you realise that they will play you off against other companies to squeeze the life out of your margins like a 10 foot Boa Constricter?
  • Do you realise that they are being squeezed themselves by their own line manager and the bean counters to get the best deal even if it cuts a few corners?

… there are countless other things that you do not realise about the modern buyer of today


Now you can find out what the Modern Buyer is really thinking..

Sean McPheat profile picSean McPheat and his team have trained over 250,000 sales people from 9,000+ organisations worldwide. They understand about the modern day buyer!

Sean is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world when it comes to how to market and sell to the sophisticated and sales savvy buyer of today.

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