10 Challenging Questions To Ask Yourself Before a Sales Meeting

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Woman with a question mark on headYour product knowledge is an essential tool in your sales armoury, and must be used at the correct time. By this, I mean that if you just present your product without finding out what the real issues are the customer is facing, then this scatter-gun approach will do more harm than good in your sales meeting.

The best salespeople we work with are expert questioners and use this undoubted skill to earn the right to deliver their product knowledge. You need a bank of questions that will draw out the challenges, issues, problems, rewards and opportunities that will make the prospect think about using you.

Here are some questions to ask before you even think about stepping foot in your prospect’s office:

1) Are my questions clear, precise and relevant? Does the customer understand the implication of the questions I have planned?

2) Do my questions make the customer think about the solution coming from my services or products? How can you phrase them in a way that links the solution to you?

3) Do my questions take the prospect down a new road of thinking than they would if they were talking to my competitor? How would the competition ask them, and how can I go deeper?

4) Am I supporting the direction the prospect is thinking by asking quality questions down that path? Are my listening skills sufficient to keep track of issues they bring up?

5) Are my questions making the prospect think about the pain of staying in the position they are? What will be the outcome if the prospect does nothing?

6) Do my questions concentrate specifically on the business situation the customer is facing now? What is the exact current situation?

7) Are my questions directed towards the rewards the customer may get by changing the current situation? What opportunities might there be for them in the future?

8 ) Do my questions make the sale easier? What do they expect the product to do?

9) Am I creating enthusiasm for the solutions I may come up with for the client? Do my questions make them feel they want to know more?

10) Have I lined up some commitment questions that ensure the customer feels safe and confident they are making the right decision by choosing me?

These are questions that will help you achieve your goals by pointing you in the right direction to formulate quality questions in your sales meetings.

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Originally published: 11 March, 2011