10 Questions ALL Sales People Must Ask Themselves At The End Of The Month

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Business man looking at wallI love the expression “Questions are the answer”.

It reminds us all that the quality of the answers we get in life are determined by the quality of the questions we ask.

Much of what we experience in life goes over our heads, created by things that are out of our control.

What we focus on will get us our results.

And that focus is very often derived by the questions we ask.

Tony Robbins has gone so far as to assert that all of our thinking is simply us asking questions of ourselves.

Is he right?

Could thinking simply be a series of questions we are trying to answer?

If so, could the quality of our questions dictate the quality of our answers?

What have I just done?

Asked myself a series of questions!

So, are there certain questions you could ask of yourself on a regular basis that would help design your life better?

Of course there are, and I’ve listed a few that I ask of myself at the end of every month that might help you start your own questioning process:

1. What have I done really well this month that contributed to getting me closer to my goals?

2. Do my short-term goals help me on the journey to achieving my long-term objectives?

3. Who could I talk to or read about that would help me learn more about my chosen fields?

4. How can I make more time in the next month or so for things that are really important?

5. To whom could I add value in the next few weeks, and how?

6. Who needs my help today, tomorrow or next week?

7. What could I do now that would make my next month easier to deal with?

8. What have I learned last month that will stop next month from being a repeat of the same stuff?

9. What specific information can I share with colleagues, prospects or clients that would make their jobs easier?

10. What book could I read, DVD could I watch, podcast could I download or webpage could I visit that would provide me with a nugget of gold to make a real difference in what I am doing?

There’s one thing that connects all these questions; they all are created to make us think about getting better, improving, growing and contributing.

It’s a sorry life if we only consider ourselves.

Life teaches us many lessons and one great one is that the quality of our results are directly associated with the contributions we make in life.

If we are able to determine the answers to the above questions, we concentrate and focus on making not just our own but also others’ lives better.

Happy selling!

Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Originally published: 28 July, 2016