10 Steps Sales People Must Take If Everything Seems Like It’s Going Wrong

Written by Sean McPheat | Linkedin thumb

Sad cartoon businessmanIt’s easy to be content and consistent when things are going great.

You’re on a roll, nothing seems to be too much trouble and success is around every turn.

Oh, if things could always work out how we want them to.

But because of imperfect procedures, human error or simply bad luck, we often find things going wrong and having an impact and effect on how we feel and the results we achieve.

Here are some ideas to carry out when things don’t go according to plan for you:

Try not to react emotionally

Stop what you are doing and thinking

Think about responding rather than reacting

Employ your brain’s pre-frontal cortex (your ‘decision-making’ facility)

If others are involved, arrange time to consider what went wrong

Analyse the reasons for the situation

Consider whether the reasons are a systems failure, a personal issue or failure to follow procedures

Identify what result(s) you want to achieve

Think through what options you have got to achieve those results

Identify what changes have to be made to achieve the results

Decide on the action steps needed to start improving things

Get everyone’s buy-in to the actions

Identify how the stakeholders (if any) need to be involved

Determine how the corrective steps will be measured

Measure the rectifying steps

Keep on top of the corrective changes that are being driven forward

When corrected, identify what has to happen to decrease the chances of it happening again

Keep the motivation high of people who were involved

Gain everyone’s commitment to high standards

Some of those points may not be always totally under your control, but if you can work on the areas that you can influence and affect, then you stand a better chance of turning things round, not panicking and achieving the results you know are possible

Happy Selling!

Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Originally published: 16 November, 2016