How To Build Unbreakable Customer Loyalty

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Customer Loyalty CrosswordWhen we ask clients why they buy services, we naturally get a wealth of information that allows us to pinpoint the very things we need to do to gain their business.

Not only that, it creates touchpoints for us to follow for when we want to maintain loyalty.

Yes, we might get business from clients when we offer great value and offer the cheapest services and products that we can.

We also, though, want to maintain their business, because we have found it’s much easier to get future business from an existing client than try to convert a prospect using a competitive supplier.

So, what are the main components that make someone not only remain loyal, but also WANT to continue giving loyalty to a supplier?

Research has shown that these components are pretty consistent, and I’m sure you are in agreement with them when you read them below.

Firstly, most clients say they will remain loyal if their suppliers provide exceptional customer service in a safe, timely and professional manner and at competitive rates.

This means more than just being good or great at servicing their needs.

Anyone can just go through the motions when they are providing products.

What we need to do to convince buyers to continue buying is be exceptional in all we so for them.

This means building relationships with the people who matter within their company, analysing how your services improve their business opportunities, creating further market opportunities for them through contact with your company and showing them how much more successful they are with your partnership than without it.

As we state above, you need to provide this exceptional service safely, quickly, professionally and competitively.

This entails close contact with the stakeholders so you can prove your worth to them

Secondly, you need to provide personalised and customised service for each customer, based on your understanding of what he or she values in the customer-relationship, therefore converting repeat customers to loyal customers.

Personalised and customised means getting under the skin of the customer, identifying what makes them tick and not being generic in your approach.

What can you do for this one customer to make them feel special and identified as someone who is getting distinct and differentiated service? How can you build customised offering that actually make this one customer want to be your partner for life?

And what’s the third component?

Well, there are many companies that can do both the above on a one-off or even a regular basis.

The key to maintaining loyalty with your clients is this:

Offer the personalised, customised and exceptional service on a consistent basis.

I’m sure that you’ve enjoyed brilliant service when you’ve been to a retail outlet or restaurant or car dealership, or something like that, on a one-off time and been impressed.

Then, did you find the level of service different, worse or inconsistent next time you went?

Well, what impact did that have on you?

It may have affected your overall viewpoint of the whole company, franchise or brand.

It’s only when we are consistently offering something of real value to a client on a consistent basis that they are likely to find reasons to be loyal to us.

So when you are dealing with clients on a regular basis, see what you specifically can do to maintain the relationship by offering all of your services at a high level, and do it consistently.

You then offer many reasons why your client should become your long-term partner.

Happy selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 28 June, 2016

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