3 Sales Questions You NEED To Ask The Customer

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Maze of questionsHere are three critical Sales Questions you need to confirm with your customer before you have a hope in progressing the sale:

Who Is Going To Make The Decision?

That’s pretty obvious, but do you know who the key influencers are, too?

Who are the people the decision-maker is going to take counsel from, ask approval of, or commit the product and services to?

If you know who the influencers are, you may be in a position to present at their level, too.

What Criteria Do Your Customers Use To Make Decisions?

Each decision-maker will have their own way of deciding on how the decision will be made.

If you haven’t sorted out what those ways are, you’re toast.

They might want a particular ROI, or completion within a certain time frame.

They may wish to follow a certain process that they followed the last time they chose.

Or they may have a certain budget that they have decided to stick to, no matter what.

Find out the criteria they are going to use to judge whether they will use you, and you’re firing on all cylinders.

Why Are Those Criteria So Important?

Ask your customer why that particular reason is so important to them.

It may be that other projects are running parallel to the use of your product or service.

You can then make sure your services can assist the customer achieve their goals.

The answer to these questions will assist you in developing a closer partnership with the customer and put you in prime position in their considerations.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 14 August, 2017

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