3 Detrimental Phrases to NEVER Use During the Sales Interaction

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Woman shutting her mouthI am always talking, teaching and coaching on things you need to say, project and do during a sales interaction.  Here however, let me unearth a few things that you should not ever do or say when making a sale.  The following three phrases can cause irrefutable harm to your sales process and you must learn to avoid them at all costs.

NEVER Say: “Trust me.”  
Truth needs no justification; at least that is how your prospect sees it.  Often, when in a selling situation, you are tempted to tell the prospect bluntly that they can trust you.  Since that is true, it seems to make sense to voice this obvious request.

However, when you make such a statement, the opposite instantly begins to transpire.  The prospect immediately begins NOT to trust you.  Though the prospect often will not understand the reason why, suddenly they begin to trust you less, after that statement.

Your trustworthiness should come through without you using words to the effect and there are many ways to help you build the prospect’s trust and gain their confidence.  Just saying it, though, is not one of those ways.  Remember, that this seemingly simple and innocent statement can jump out of your mouth when you are not even thinking about it.  So think about it.

NEVER Say: “It’s no problem.”
Again, this sounds like a very innocent and harmless phrase, yet it creates serious problems in the mind of the prospect.  The prospect raises a concern and you being to explain why the issue is of no consequence.  That’s fine.  Just do not say, “It’s no problem.”

Similar to the “trust me” blunder, “no problem,” has the reverse effect.

NEVER Say:  “You will never regret this…”
The reasons for this should be obvious and most seasoned professionals have eliminated this statement from their vocabulary.  Yet, since this statement comes in different forms, many sales people still say this without knowing they are saying it .

“Don’t worry, Mr Prospect.  Everything will work out like I said…”

“Steve, you will see that this is the best widget gadget on the market…”

“I understand your hesitation, Susan.  But you will see this product will live up to expectation…”

Those are all essentially saying, “You won’t regret this.”  As with the above phrases, the prospect immediately begins to think that perhaps they might regret this.

NEVER say,

“Trust me.”

“It’s no problem.”  And

“You will never regret this…”

And you will avoid planting negative seeds of thought that can flourish into negative decisions to buy.

Happy Selling!

Sean McPheat

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Originally published: 2 September, 2011