3 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Buyer

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Business Concept In Flat DesignYour ability to uncover needs in your customer’s business is one of the areas that will make you stand out from the competition.

It can differentiate you, your services and your products because it offers a perspective that few buyers may be able to see themselves.

That outsider viewpoint can make a big difference to the buyer, as they can often be immersed in the minutia of everyday business and miss the big picture.

But there are often things that affect buyers that even top quality salespeople may miss.

Here are three little-known factors that could affect your buyer’s decision-making:

Lack Of Investment Opportunities

Your buyer may know they need your product or service, but the amount they are able to invest in their future is limited by their purchasing or procurement department.

This will have an effect on the way they approach negotiations and how long it may take to make purchasing decisions.

Past Mistakes

Your buyer may show interest in your products but may have had their fingers burned by past purchasing decisions.

If mistakes have been made, it will contribute to the thinking process they go through in the future.

Their Customers’ Purchasing Power

If you’re selling B2B products, your customer’s customer may have a big role to play in the way your customer decides which way to go.

It matters not how good your product is; if your customer isn’t sure or unaware of what their customers want, they are not in a strong position to purchase or take on more stock.

So, what has to happen to overcome these little-known, but highly-influential factors?

Many salespeople will put the emphasis on their products or services and what they will do for the buyer or their company.

Before that will make any impact on your customer’s mind, however, you need to comprehend the factors that will play a role in their thinking.

Your discovery stage should cover these possibilities.

Questions or statements like, “Tell me more about how your business makes decisions in these areas” and “Is there any background information I need to know that will help me solve these challenges for you?” can uncover ideas and challenges that you may not have uncovered initially.

You can uncover and disclose information that will affect the decisions your buyer will make long before you start to think about solutions.

These three factors won’t be the only areas that will concern your buyers, but they may be ones that have a big influence on what they decide to do.

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Originally published: 28 June, 2017