3 Mistakes The Best Sales People Make On The Telephone

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PhoneOk, you are a pro. You have been cold calling for years, and despite the trend toward e-prospecting, and e-everything else, you have still perfected the art of being able to pick up the telephone and CREATE business, almost at will.

There are a few of us that have no fear of the cold-call and know how to get through the tough gatekeeper screen, get through to the decision-maker and set appointments or close sales. However, there are some pitfalls that even the best-of-the best have problems handling. Speaking to the telephone sales specialists, avoid these three mistakes and you will move on to levels that even you never thought were possible!

Simply put, sometimes your skill can be TOO much.

#1 – Too Smart
There comes a time when you know exactly what almost every prospect is going to say. You know every possible objection and you know how to handle each.

Almost as if you have some type of extra sensory perception (ESP), you can cover every objection before they arise. It is easy to begin to assume that you know what the prospect is going to say before they actually say it. While you may be correct much of the time, you will be wrong as well.

In addition to assuming incorrectly, even when you are right, you will tend to cut the prospect off, sometimes in the middle of their sentence.

You must remain open minded and listen to every response completely.

#2 – Too Quick
In addition to knowing too much, almost like somewhat of a psychic; always being right and having all the answers at the tip of your tongue, is a mistake.

Prospects will often object simply because they feel you left them no objection. They feel you are too prepared and they have no control. Though you must maintain control, the prospect needs to feel as if they are in control.

No one wants to feel as if they had no choice in the buying decision. Slow down and give the prospect’s objections and feelings some validity. Don’t overcome objections too fast and easy.

#3- Too Comfortable
Beginners and those that have not taken any Telesales Training make the mistake of sounding too rehearsed, tense and phoney when making sales calls.

However, the experienced pro can often sound too relaxed, loose and informal. You need to sound natural, and unrehearsed, but you must be careful to maintain a professional tone. It is easy to become so comfortable that your calls take on a casual, un-business like atmosphere.

Keep in mind that although you may have everything under control, the prospect cannot feel that there is a predetermined outcome.

You may be too good, but don’t be TOO good.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 3 May, 2012

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