3 Useful Tips That Will Bag You Another Meeting

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Action Of Business PeopleGetting a further meeting with a client isn’t always that easy, especially these days when buyers are so busy that the urgent often takes over from the important.

Although a further meeting with you may be the obvious next step in the process of the sale, there has to be something of real value to offer the client before they will agree to spending more time with you.

Here are three tips that will help you bag that next meeting:

RAP Up The Current Meeting

RAP is an acronym for Review, Action, Preview.

Firstly, you Review what you have agreed at this meeting.

It could be the points the buyer has made and agreed during the discussions.

Or possibly a re-covering of your handling of certain objections.

Next comes the Action.

This is an agreement of what you will do as a result of this meeting.

Examples could include you sending through more material for the buyer to read through, you getting further approval for discounts on the increased order being placed, or an advancement of the processes you have agreed during the discussions.

Make sure you get agreement from the buyer what actions will take place.

Then, there’s the Preview.

Here, you identify what the results will be of the actions you have agreed.

Buyers are only interested in results, not products.

After you have agreed on what actions you will take, you can confirm that those actions will produce a better return on investment, or clarity on the next stages of the relationship, or a better deal going forward.

The preview shows the buyer what the future will hold if they agree to another meeting.

Confirmation Of Results Other Companies Have Got

As we’ve discussed before, buyers are only interested in results you can get for them and their business, so if you can assure them of what’s to come by sharing results that other businesses have achieved, it gives you a good chance to bag that next meeting.

Of course, you aren’t going to give away confidential information, but words like ‘I’ll share with you at our next meeting how one of our clients improved their ROI by over 12% by using our new product’ will immediately spark an interest and give them reasons to agree to another meeting.

Leave Them With A Question Unanswered Or A Point Left Open

I’m sure you’ve been left dangling in suspense at the end of a TV programme, where you don’t know what will happen next, and you have to wait for the next episode before finding out what happens.

You can do the same with your prospective buyer, in a professional way, of course!

You might say something like, ‘I’d love to share with you how you could improve your productivity with this new widget. Would it be OK if I bring along a working model to our next meeting, so you can see it in action?’

This whets the appetite of your buyer, as they will want to know what benefits they can get by using your product.

Leaving them dangling is a sure way to get agreement to bag that next meeting.

So there you are.

Three quick ideas to get another meeting lined up with a prospect.

Hope they work out for you.

Happy Selling!

Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Originally published: 13 September, 2017