3 Ways To Overcome Your Fears Before The Sales Meeting

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Shocked Business WomanDo you sometimes find it strange that a sportsperson or experienced actor would admit to feeling nervous before a big performance or game?

Surely their knowledge and familiarity with what they have to do would allay any fears they might have?

Well, it shows we are all human.

No matter how many times you may have performed, even at the top of your form, fear is one thing that connects us all.

Having an element of fear before a sales meeting shows that you care. You care about what you are doing and want to succeed.

You care about how you come across and what you can do for your prospect.

But maybe you’re fearful because you feel out of your depth.

Or possibly because the challenge of the sale is too great for you.

There are many reasons for fear, but there are ways of overcoming them.

Remember that fear stands for ‘false expectation appearing real’.

They may be real to you, but most times they are just the result of how you perceive things.

If you are worried about the way you come across in your presentation, it will cause you to have expectations that may not be true in reality.

So what can you do?

Make Sure You Prepare Effectively

Many fears occur because of poor or lack of preparation.

If that happens, you need to know what you are aiming to achieve at this particular meeting and then work toward that goal.

Arrive Early

There’s nothing like being late and rushing to the meeting to make you sound unprepared and unprofessional.

Being there early gives you time to get the mindset right and allay some of the fears that may be distracting you.

You can also check out your presentation to make sure it still sounds fresh and you’re clear on its aims

Turn It Into A Conversation Rather Than A Pitch

You put pressure on yourself if you think that you need to make a perfect presentation.

You just need to remember that the prospect is wanting to make a decision that will help them or their business.

The best way to do that is to engage in a conversation with the prospect.

You get them into an agreeable frame of mind and allow your fears to be dissipated during the professional discussions that take place

Be aware that fears are there for a reason. The entire fear response is an ancient instinct to protect us from danger.

By giving yourself the security of preparation, you build up the resistance that will give you power to deal with your fears.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Originally published: 13 July, 2017