3 Ways To Increase Perceived Value During The Sales Interaction

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Increasing the value conceptOne certain way to increase sales is to increase the perceived value of your product or service.

The sale often takes place when the prospect feels that the value of the product is significantly greater than the value of the money.  Once the benefits outweigh the costs, you are in position to do business.

Below are a few tips to help you instantly raise value during the sales interaction.  Of course, there are differences depending on whether you sell a tangible product that people can see and touch, verses a service or intangible item.  So, here are three tips each for selling the tangible product and for the intangible service.

Raise the Value of a Tangible Product in the Sales Interaction

#1.  Handle the item as if it is made of glass:  The way you touch, lift or otherwise handle the product you sell can greatly increase or decrease its value.  Handle the item as if it is made of glass, is worth £10 million and if you drop it, you will have to pay for it.  Even if you are selling the strongest, toughest mechanical tools, handle them like Faberge Eggs and the value will soar.

#2.  Do not touch it—caress it: Automobiles, furniture, appliances, clothing, machinery, etc, when in contact with your product, be gentle and soothing.  Don’t just lay your hands on the flat screen television, bang your knuckles on the desk and do not kick the tires!  Gently caress the item and love it.  (Note: Be sure always to keep your hands and fingernails clean, buffed and manicured)

#3.  Savour with your eyes: When you first saw this great product you sell, your eyes lit up and you gazed upon it with delight.  However, after selling it for months or years, you not look at it the same way anymore.  The prospect then reacts to the unveiling of the item just as you do.  Recapture that visual love you once had.  Savor the item with your eyes and the prospect will do the same.

Raise the Value of an Intangible in the Sales Interaction

#1.  Promote the value of YOU: The more of an important person you are, the more valuable your service is.  Much of this you can and should done before the interaction, but have clippings of you, articles you wrote, awards for service, etc.  Also, dress to impress.  Look like you have millions in the bank and you do not have to work.

#2.  Explain the value of people behind the scenes: Let the prospect know that your firm invests in only the best.  For instance, assume there are two software companies whom both sell a comparable accounting application.  One company employs entry-level, unproven, programmers still in college, while the other hires only high-level, seasoned and certified professionals.  The higher worth and investment for the professional programmers, will increase the intrinsic value of the software.

#3.  Uncover the behind the scenes processes: As with increasing the value of personnel behind the scenes, also reveal the enhanced processes and procedures your firm uses.  Does your company spend more money on research and development, legal areas or security?  Perhaps the filtering process and assessment tests you use to hire accountants are far more sophisticated than the industry norm.  Such information will increase the value of your service.

Raise your value, which will raise your closing rates, which will raise your income!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 29 June, 2011

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