4 Ways To Stop Sounding Like You’re Begging For Their Business!

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business begging man to womanI was asked to go on a sales call once by a Sales Manager with one of his sales people who wasn’t bringing home the bacon.

He asked me to observe this salesperson to see what might be done to assist his development.

What I noticed was he was being a really nice person, minding his manners, listening well and behaving in a proper business-like way.

Actually, he was being a pathetic, pitiful, grovelling, snivelling, sorry excuse of a salesperson, who was literally begging for the business!

He was saying things like “What could we do to get your business?” “How can I help you more on this?” “Yes, we’re really sorry we can’t do that…is there anything else you would like us to do?”

All-in-all, a very poor example of how to solve people’s problems and build value, and I told his sales manager exactly that!

The truth is, if we sound like we are begging for their business, we run the risk of sounding desperate and that our needs are greater than the prospect’s. You open yourself up to price reductions now and in the future, as the value you offer is a poor second best to the price you charge.

Here are some examples of sounding like you’re begging:

“What time is convenient to you?”

“When do you think you might be in a position to make a decision?”

“Would it be OK if I diarised a follow-up call in two weeks?”

“Our company policy doesn’t allow that!”

Instead, it would be good to show that you are an expert and don’t have to beg for the business. You could say something like:

“Let’s arrange a mutually-convenient time for us both”

“Let’s set a time to discuss the decision”

“I’ll call you within the next two weeks to discuss any questions you might have”

“Let’s see how we can work this out”

By being more assertive and not resorting to what can in any way be considered begging, we build our reputation with the prospect as someone who can be trusted and is offering something of real value, rather than someone who creates the impression they are totally and utterly desperate!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 21 January, 2015

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