5 Sales Lessons We Can Take From Barack Obama

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As Barack Obama becomes the most powerful man in the world, there are a number of lessons that sales people and marketers worldwide can take from this modern day, new school leader.

Barack Obama is an awesome role model of just what you can do with the right belief, strategy and a hard working ethic.

So here are 5 lessons that you can take from Barack Obama and put them into your sales efforts.

1. Activity, Activity, Activity

If you take a look at how many and how frequently Obama and his team visited and canvassed the different states around the US you’ll see that he did much more than McCain.

This activity was done DAY IN and DAY OUT with no restbite.

Lesson – Get out there and generate the activity on a CONSISTENT basis

2. Make A Connection

Obama made a connection with the people. He can step into their shoes and understand what they are going through and can communicate in a language that they can understand.

Lesson – What can you do before, during and after the sale to make a connection with your prospects and clients?

3. Obama Is Selling Hope

If you line up 10 people and ask them what Obama’s policies are, I’d bet you’d be hard pressed to get any specifics from them. Obama tapped into the emotional sell. He used statements like “If you’re a mom and you’re son is in Iraq, you’re tired of those sleepless nights fearing that phone might ring” – “You’re worried about how you’re going to make that mortgage payment”

What Obama is selling is a bright new future and hope for the US.

Lesson – What can you do to stress the benefits of your product and service beyond what it does?

4. Obsolete Products

Of course, the citizens of the US had been using a product (i.e Bush) that they had become tired of. The company that sold the product (i.e Republicans) was also tarred with the same brush.

Obama had some ammunition to work with but had to be careful not to slag the competition off.

He positioned himself against the old, obselete product as something new and up to date and this resonated with the marketplace.

Lesson – Don’t tear down the competition but position yourself against them based upon their strengths and weaknesses

5. Sell Yourself

The way that Obama speaks really moves people.

Not I’m not saying that you need to move your prospects to tears but you need to stir up their emotions and come across as someone who is sincere and knows their stuff.

Gordon Brown said that Obama ran an “inspirational campaign, energising politics with his progressive values and his vision for the future”.

Conservative leader David Cameron hailed Obama as the “first of a new generation of world leaders”

Lesson – Think about what you stand for as a sales person. How can you come across as visionary in your field? What can you do to make your prospect and clients say “Wow, he/she was just awesome – we’ve got to use them”

Having stopped up very late and on into the morning I was moved by the whole occassion.

If only one of our leaders had such charisma and vision to see us through these rocky waters!

Happy Selling


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Originally published: 5 November, 2008