5 Ways Value Changes In The Buyer’s Mind

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Value building with arrowsDelivering value is the catalyst for any buyer to make a decision. But what many salespeople forget is that the customer’s view of value changes as they move through the buying cycle.

The stages buyers go through start with recognising there is a need. Then they make evaluations as to who they should buy from, followed by the decision phase and finally taking the action necessary to buy the product or service. However, it’s the level of value that the buyer percieves at each level that changes. Let’s see what makes the perception of value different at each phase:

1) Perception changes over time. How the buyer sees value when they are looking for a solution is different to when they are ready to make a decision.

2) Recognising their needs. Should the buyer do something or just let things stay as they are?

3) Identifying the options available. At this stage the buyer is sizing up the various companies who could help him solve his problems. Value at this stage is determined by possibilities of change.

4) Decision time. This is when the prospect resolves to make the necessary changes to achieve their goals. Their assessment of value is different again.

5) Putting the choice into action. This is when the final choice can be cemented and the prospect will identify whether the value of the decision can be backed up by facts.

So, determine what level the prospect is working at when you start talking value; that will help you present the value proposition in a way they are viewing it too.

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Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 5 May, 2011

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