5 Ways Your Existing Clients Can Help You Through The Recession

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So you’ve done the hard graft, you’ve turned your prospect into a paying client, they’ve used your product or service and now they’re really happy!

Ok, so now what?

Well, now you can start to get them more involved to help you through these trying times.

Here are 5 ways that they can help you get through this recession:

1. Repeat Business

This is an obvious one but so many companies fail to ask for repeat business.

Have you asked for the same order?

Can you offer anything for regular orders?

2. Referrals

If they are a happy client then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem asking them for referrals.

But please don’t hide this in a “client update meeting” where you suddenly come out with it! They’ll see straight through this.

Instead, the best approach is to just ask for them.

“James, I’m delighted that you love using our widget, thanks for the feedback. James, so we can keep the costs down for you in the future we’re asking our clients for some referrals. Could you please give me two or three names of people who you think would benefit from the widget as you have? It means we don’t have to plough so much money into advertising and we can pass these savings onto you”

3. Joint Ventures

So the client is really happy with your products and services. If it’s a B2B sale, could they potentially offer your product or service to their clients for a kick back? What about white labelling?

They’ve already done the hard work too with their client list so can you leverage this in some way?

4. Rave Reviews

So the client is happy….can you ask them to write a formal testimonial on their letterheaded paper or for your website that will provide social proof of how good your products and services are?

This will help you to sell your wares to other prospects!

5. Referees

Can you get their permission to give out their telephone number and email address to prospects who want to talk to your existing clients about your products and services?

It’s far more powerful coming from their mouth then it is yours!

The gloom and doom merchants are predicting 5 quarters of “gloom and doom” but if you’re prepared and sales and marketing processes are in place it will not only help you to survive during these testing times but it will also enable you to thrive as well.

Happy selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 23 January, 2009

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