How MasterMind Groups Can Improve Your Sales

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Executive Office ChairGrowth and progress are two of the fundamental attributes that mark out a successful salesperson.

As the only constant in business is change, it makes perfect sense to create opportunities to enhance your skill-sets and abilities, building on your sales and business knowledge so that you keep ahead of the competition and drive your career chances forward.

So, what is one of the ways that you can support this growth and advance further in your career, while making it an integral part of your job and not eating too much into your personal life?

The most successful salespeople we have studied all have one thing in common: they each belong to, contribute to and gain from a network of colleagues, influencers and others who could be called your ‘mastermind’ group.

This group of knowledgable industry brains can assist in helping you advance and progress towards your already-set goals, and help you develop others that you hadn’t considered.

Having a group of people with whom you regularly interact with, online or otherwise, taps into that latent potential that can forge new relationships and increase your value to clients, team members, prospects and future possible employers.

The best way to determine who should be in your mastermind group is to assess the knowledge you have now and where you can go from here.

You won’t know what you can learn until you start interacting, so the best way to start is not to confine yourself to specific goals or targets. They will materialise as you progress.

Instead, create a list of people or qualities/attributes that you admire and would like to learn from.

My list includes people like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Jordan Belfort. These people give me a different perspective on business, attitudes and progressive thinking.

They make me stop and think about the direction life should be taking me.

You can do a lot worse than going to and searching for new people who will add to your knowledge base and create new angles to appreciate life.

Next, decide on how you could benefit from their musings and download some of their articles. Do a quick search on the person to check out other things they have written and contributed to.

Open files on your computer to which you can save articles to read and digest when you have time.

Depending on your industry, seek out those influencers who you know would add value to your search for knowledge.

Allow these people to see that they are valuable to you. One of the things humans appreciate most is knowing that they can be of assistance to others, so if you show your willingness to ‘follow’ a particular individual and tap into their knowledge and skills, they will be honoured to have you tag along.

What are some of the benefits of having a personalised ‘mastermind’ group?

  • You recognise that you don’t ‘know-it-all’ and start from the premise that you can learn something new every day.
  • Other people like to know they are adding value and being valued by others, so they tend to offer more when it is seen as being of benefit
  • You achieve deeper insights into new concepts and ideas and allow yourself to expand your knowledge and attributes, which in turn builds character
  • You learn new strategies that can be applied in the real world, as you practice these concepts in your everyday client contacts
  • You gain encouragement when things are getting tough for you, analysing how others are cutting through the challenges they face
  • Your motivation grows as you realise there a many different ways of seeing the world as they offers creative ideas that you hadn’t considers before
  • People’s different opinions expand your awareness of what’s possible and offer insights that will assist your development

Of course, any networking group would benefit from as much new and valuable input as possible, so think about how you can add your own knowledge and wisdom to the party.

As you apply much of what you’re learning, give something back so your influencers and mentors can learn from you too.

Write a short article viewing things from your perspective and ad it to the mountain of creative knowledge.

By belonging to and contributing to a group like this, you expand your opportunities exponentially.

You learn from the great minds that are driving business change today and when you apply some of their ideas, your growth will benefit not only yourself but everyone who shares your business interests.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 13 May, 2015

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