8 Questions That Will Help You Sell Your Uniqueness

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How many times have you been told to sell your USP? You highlight how you can help your customer by selling something that is unique to you and your company.

Many salespeople struggle with this because they have very little (if anything) that is unique to their business. The competition sell similar products, the guarantees are the same, the services differ very little; so how can you sell something that is unique to you?

Start by asking yourself some questions that will focus in on the differentials you can bring to their business.

In what way can your product or service increase their revenues? This concentrates on what you can specifically do to help them achieve their goals, better than your competition can.

Put yourself in their shoes. How many more products could they sell that you supply? Research what their market potential is so you can assist them in developing new markets.

How much are those sales going to be worth to their bottom line, and how are you uniquely positioned to help them achieve them? This puts you in clear contention to be their favoured supplier.

If you sell items that will reduce costs, how much will your products and services save them in terms of stocking and other overheads? Maybe this is an area that can be highlighted?

Another question: How will you help the customer deliver better performance to their clients? If you make them look good, they will thank you for it by becoming a loyal customer.

Here’s another: What after-sales support can you offer that would reduce the risks of a new prospect using you for the first time? That risk-reduction could make the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity.

How will you help the customer reduce the negative impact of the problem they are facing? Address all the problems they face that has an effect on revenue and profit.

How can you ensure your company offers solutions no one else does? Make sure these are quantifiable to the client.

These questions will help you achieve that level of uniqueness in the customers eyes, and make you stand out above the rest, in your quest for partnering with businesses.

Happy Selling!


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Originally published: 21 February, 2011