A Great Way To Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full

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You had a great month! You closed a ton of sales, including that big one that you had been working on forever. However, shortly after the euphoria of “Sales Person of the Month” awards and a huge paycheck begin to wear off, a horrible reality sets in.

You look up and realise that your Sales Funnel is completely dry. You have little or no fresh leads, no appointments, and no proposals in the mix, nothing. What happened? You did everything right? Right?

As you work, you must take measures to keep the pipeline traffic flowing and here is a simple way to help you do just that.

Replace Everything
Simply replace every sales item that you use. By sales items, I am referring to sales calls, contacts, appointments, proposal, sales, etc.

For instance, you pick up the telephone and call a cold lead from your database, and make contact with that lead. Now you have one additional “contact with a decision maker (DM)” in your database. However, you also have one LESS cold lead. Replace that lead as soon as possible.

When you set an appointment with a contact, you now have an additional “appointment set” in your funnel, but you also have one LESS raw contact. You need to replace that contact. When you meet with a DM, complete a sales interaction and make a proposal, you now have one LESS “appointment.” Set a new appointment to cover the one you just used. If you close the sale on an active proposal, then your number of “active proposals” just went down. Replace that proposal. Just replace everything.

The Averages
Keep your averages in mind as well. For instance, if you have a 25% closing average, in that it takes you four presentations to close one sale. Then when you close one sale, you are now SHORT four presentations. Replace those immediately.

Some things in professional selling are as simple as your mum always told you. Just put back everything you take!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 8 June, 2012

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