Barclaycard – You Almost Had Me! But I Bet You Have Thousands Others!

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So I received my new Barclaycard Visa in the post yesterday and there was a message on the card saying “Call us to tell us that your card has arrived safely”

“That’s a good measure for security” I thought but at the same time as I was dialling I mentioned to my PA that I bet they were going to try and cross sell me something.

Shivver me timbers I was right!

I was then subjected to a 3 minute CANNED SALES SCRIPT:

“Good Morning Mr McPheat, and how are you today?”

“I notice that your cards are not protected, is that right Mr McPheat?”

You get the picture.

Here are some lessons from this:

1. Barclaycard have the right idea with the cross sell but their execution is very obvious to the point of being annoying. Here was me calling them and then they tried to take up my time and “SELL ME”!

Think about whether there are any occassions that you can up or cross sell products to the prospects or clients that call you – but don’t make it obvious! You need to maximise your sales opportunities but not at the risk of annoyance!

2. Be PLANNED not CANNED – Most prospects and clients can tell you’re reading from a script. If you are forced to read from a script by your company then you need to practice sounding like you’re unrehearsed.

3. Don’t get me wrong, I bet Barclaycard make millions from this process and that it works too. It’s most likely very predictable in terms of closing ratios per hundred calls received. It’s a no brainer cross sell opportunity – can you create any of these? Just think of all of the new cards that are issued each year from Barclaycard that require an incoming call – kerching!

Happy cross selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 20 January, 2009

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