Call Yourself A Sales Professional?

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There are hundreds, no thousands of people roaming the streets today and calling themselves sales professionals!

And yes, don’t get me wrong there are some out there but in all of my travels around the world and having come into contact, trained and witnessed literally thousands of sales people in action, there are a lot of sales professionals who would be done under the trades description act if they indeed did call themselves a sales pro!

I really think there are some defining factors that make it easy to tell the difference between a “salesman” and an incredible “sales professional.”

So how can you tell an amateur from a professional?

Here are 10 thoughts to get the ball rolling:

1. Amateurs are nothing but order takers. They don’t actually HAVE to sell.

2. A sales professional has clear objectives and knows what outcome they want to achieve at each stage of the sales process.

3. Amateurs “wing it”

4. A sales professional has a plan and a proven method for success

5. True sales professionals are always well prepared for any situation. They can adapt their presentation at a moments notice and still achieve their goals

6. Sales professionals are viewed by their clients as trusted advisors

7. Amateurs talk too much

8. Amateurs think about the commission more than the need to help the next prospect

9. Sales professionals analyse their numbers, understand their numbers and refine and modify
their approach

10. Amateurs don’t listen to sales improvement cd’s or improve their knowledge

So, how many of those do you do?

Are you a pro?

Or are you “The diet coke of sales professionals?”

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

MTD Sales Training

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Originally published: 15 April, 2009

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