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SoldIs it true that the best sales people can sell anything to anyone? Are you one of those rare few in the world of professional selling that has the ability to sell virtually any product to any prospect?

You have heard those old sentiments before, “I can sell ice cubes to Eskimos…” or “That guy can sell prescription eyeglasses to a blind man.”

In the 60s, 70s, and early 80s, many sales people prided themselves in the (imagined) ability to turn every prospect into a customer regardless of the prospect, product or service. Such a sales person could overcome every objection and close every sale.

My first question to you is, “Is such a thing possible?” My second, even better question is, “Would such ability be a good thing?”

The Ultimate Closer
Today, in the age of the modern, educated and sophisticated buyer, some still believe that if you can perfect and maximize the main areas of the sales process, that one can indeed close almost every sale with nearly any prospect. The ultimate closer would then be THE consummate professional in such areas as:

Prospecting – The ultimate closer could fine-tune the sales funnel to filter prospects so well that the majority of prospects become buyers.

Asking Questions – The closer could become so skilful at asking questions that he or she could find a problem that the prospect is having, in any situation. The closer could somehow always find a way to create need or desire for whatever he or she sells.

Persuasion – The closer, of course is so powerfully persuasive that he or she can talk anyone into believing anything. He can simply talk his way out of a straight jacket.

Closing – Finally, the ultimate closer would have the ability to overcome any objection or condition. This sales person has an answer for everything.

Are you that perfect sales person?
Can you sell anything to anyone?
Does such an ultimate closer exist?

I will give you my take on this early next week.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
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Originally published: 9 December, 2011

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