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5 Ways To Guarantee A ‘Yes’ From The Decision Maker

That seems a bold statement. But we have experienced many meetings with decision-makers where these ways have proved successful. We share them with you in this article. How many times have you thought that it’s a shoeing you will get […]

9 Things Your Buyer Wants You To Know

Very often, we go out in the field with a great deal of knowledge about our products, our services, our competition, our prices and our industry. That’s great, and this knowledge is imperative for our confidence as well for generating […]

19 Sales Tips For Closing The Sale

Many salespeople fear the ‘close’ of the sale, as they think it might be putting too much pressure on the decision-maker. Use these 19 tips to reduce this fear and build confidence when you get to this strategic part of […]

3 Times When You SHOULD Take NO For An Answer

Well, we all know the old sales person’s mantra, “Never take NO for an answer!” Indeed, some sales people try to live by this greed. However, in attempting to live up to such a rigid and unrealistic standard, sales people often […]

How To Bond With Your New Client Just After The Close

In sales, our natural goal is to make as many people or businesses as we can more successful or profitable than they are currently. That’s the bottom line…it cements the long-term relationship with the new client and makes it a […]

Understand The Buyer’s Perspective

Recently, I had the privilege of attending a dynamic presentation evening with one of our prized clients. They continue to test us and our services, which is great as it means we learn with every step we take with them. […]

The ABC of Selling

Years ago, I was working with a salesman who considered himself to be one of the best in his business. If he ever failed, he said that it was the prospects that the company gave him that caused the problem, […]

6 Buyer Tactics That Will Slash Your Margins

We often talk about the selling skills required to deal with today’s complex and competitive market place. Those skills normally revolve around the abilities of salespeople to achieve specific sales objectives and deal with objections or negotiate a better deal. […]

4 Ways To Get That Buying Button Pressed

Every person you have ever met has a strategy they use to make decisions. Whether it’s to go for a particular food or to choose a particular career, the way people decide is hard-wired into the parts of our brains […]

Use These 6 Questions To Sway The Over-Cautious Buyer

The types of decisions people make can vary from person to person, based on many factors. These can include concepts like time available, causes for concern and other resources’ availability. But these days, one type of decision-maker can cause concern […]

The One & Only Reason Buyers Buy

Is there just one reason? Can we actually narrow down the whole sales process to just one step? Naturally, there are a myriad of stages that people go through before they make the decision to go with your solution. But […]

ABC? No, Never Be Closing!

I’m an avid reader of good quality books on many subjects, and one that my team put my way last week has intrigued and interested me. “Never Be Closing” by Tim Dunne and Tim Hurson is an inventive and creative […]