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5 Ways The Modern Day Buyer Has Not Changed

We’ve been discussing with some of our apprentices recently the changes that they have seen in their lives. Yes, although they’re only eighteen and nineteen year-olds the rate of change, even in their lifetime, has been staggering. One of them […]

How To Avoid The Awkward Question Of Budget

How many times have you been in conversation with a prospect and the question of budget comes up? You want to know if you’re pitching in the right ball-park, so you go right out and ask what budget they were […]

Ten Things Buyers Look For From Their Suppliers

We do quite a few surveys with buyers of our services and it’s always intriguing to find out why they buy from us. Many times we have been surprised by their answers or their responses to specific questions that we […]

The One Factor That Drives Most Buying Decisions

A friend of mine recently had the need to change his company car. There was a massive choice for him in the price range that he had been given, so he had to narrow the choice down using a series […]

Think The Way Your Buyer Thinks

Watching Derren Brown at the theatre a few weeks ago made me realise how little we mere mortals know about the way the mind works. He’s a great showman and artist, and readily admits that there’s nothing magical about what […]

More Ways To Get The Prospect To Say ‘Yes’

It’s always a wonderful moment when you get to the point of no return. Yes, that emotive moment when the prospect sees how much better off they would be if they agreed to your bended-knee plea to sign on the […]

How Your Buyers Make Their Decisions – Part 5

For Part One, Motivation Directions For Part Two, Frames of Reference For Part Three, Matching and Mismatching For Part Four, Convincer Strategies Our final part of this series of how buyers make decisions looks at what people see as necessary […]

How Your Buyers Make Their Decisions – Part 4

In Part One of this series, we looked at motivational direction. In Part Two, we discussed Frames of Reference and how they are diagnosed. Part Three covered how people match or mismatch in their decision-making philosophy. Here, in Part Four, […]

How Your Buyers Make Their Decisions – Part 3

In Part One and Part Two of this series, we identified two criteria buyers use to make decisions. Here, we discuss a third. First, a recap: People’s decision-making criteria will always give away a lot of information, as they help […]

How Your Buyers Make Their Decisions – Part 2

In Part One of this series, we identified a reason why your buyers make decisions, either by moving away from  a painful scenario or by moving toward a beneficial one. In this section, we look at another way your buyers […]

How Your Buyers Make Their Decisions – Part 1

Decisions, decisions….ah, there’s a dilemma inside every choice for everyone! The way decisions are made can tell you a lot about the personality of a person. The reason for this is that everyone has a short-cut to how they view […]

5 Ways To Gain Commitment From A Client

We often get salespeople asking “What’s the best ‘close’ I can use?” or “How can I ‘close the sale’ more often?” Putting the emphasis on the ‘close’ can be a big mistake in the sales process. Too often, the salesperson […]