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How To Facilitate The Buying Process

Facilitate the buying process by tapping into the way that your prospects and clients think… N.B This post was originally called “Buyer Facilitation – By understanding how they think” (Buyer Facilitation (R)) is also a term used my SharonDrew Morgen […]

Some Buyers Are Scared To Death

I think we’ve all been duped at some time or another in the past. We’ve been fooled, conned or have purchased something only to be let down by the product or service. And what does this create? Yes, it makes […]

Don’t Forget Your Call To Action!

Something nice and light for a Friday… Whether it’s selling, marketing or getting your kids to do something – you need a call to action! Unlike the writer of this advert for a COMEDY WRITER/TOUR MANAGER! I’d love to reply […]

The DNA Of The Modern Day Consumer

More objections, more price bashing, the economy excuse, stalling tactics, gatekeepers from hell and elusive decision makers – just what is going on in the world of selling? Well, to me, it’s obvious – today’s buyers have changed; they are […]