Objection Handling

3 Ways To Handle The Prospect Who Is Shocked By Your Price

You felt that it was a good presentation and that the entire sales interaction was on track. Then you present the price, and suddenly the prospect acts as if they just had a heart attack! What happened? A better question is, what do you do? Below are three important steps you should take when this situation occurs. The Three DOs #1….

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A Powerful Way To Close The Husband And Wife Team

Closing the sale while sitting across a desk or the dining room table from a married couple can be tricky.  When one spouse is solely dominant and clearly makes the decisions, it’s not so bad.   However, when they begin to use each other to stall and toss the ball between them, it can be very frustrating: Wife:              “Well, what do YOU…

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A Powerful Response to the “I’m Not Interested,” Cold Call Objection

Business woman holding phone

“Hi, Mr Prospect.  Ethan James here, with XYZ Solutions…” “I’m not interested!” Arrrgh! Below is a very effective way to handle the “not interested,” come back.  However, it is not a script to follow verbatim.  Though I am going to put this in the form of a hypothetical cold call, the words are not important.  I want to convey the…

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3 Steps to Handle the “I’m Just Looking,” Objection

Two Women In The Clothes Shop

“May I help you Sir?” “No…I’m just looking…” “Arrrrrrgh!” Those words, “I’m just looking,” often strike terror in the heart of many sales people, anger and frustration in some and a sense of helplessness in others.  This one extremely common phrase causes some retail sales people to simply throw up their hands, walk away from the prospect and wait until…

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Why Prospects Object When There Is No Objection

Businesswoman saying no to salesman

You did your job: you uncovered the problems and the pain and you helped the prospect clearly see the benefits and the affordability.  Then you instilled a sense of urgency by giving the potential customer reasons and additional benefits to move forward today.  You also did not wait until the close to address common objections.  Instead, you foresaw those familiar…

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The Objection: We Have No Money in the Budget. The Answer: Use a Different Budget

Senior businessman with thumbs down

One way to get around the, “We have no money in the budget,” objection is to simply find another budget. That’s right.  They have no money in the budget that would normally fund the purchase of your product, so find a different budget that has the money. As a professional sales person, you should know all of the areas and…

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10 Stalls That Customers Use As Objections

Businessman holding objection card

Why do objections occur in the first place? There can be many reasons, but it generally boils down to the fact that not enough value has been raised in the customer’s mind. If it had, you wouldn’t be facing an objection; you would be heading toward gaining a commitment. But not all objections actually turn out to be real. Many…

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5 Ways To Handle ‘I Want To Shop Around’

Jumping over objections

How frustrating is it when your client has gone through your proposal and your presentation and then said ‘I want to shop around and get some quotes form other suppliers’? It’s not obvious from his statement what exactly his objection is to your proposal, so it may be necessary for you to probe a little deeper to find out precisely…

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When They Want You To Call Back In The Future

Business woman holding phone

Now, is this a real obstacle or is it a stall? They may say something like “Give me a call in six months and we’ll see”. Does the prospect really want your product, or is there something else? Can they afford it? Is the price ok? Or is it simply a polite way of saying no? In fact, if they…

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Sales Video – How To Handle Sales Objections Up Front

Man writing out objections

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