Objection Handling

You Need To Clarify The Price Objection

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The Most Powerful Word in Selling

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So, you’ve got to the point where you’re ready to present the price and everything’s going well. You think you’ve covered everything and the customer seems happy with the product. They are waiting with baited breath to hear what the investment is going to be. You tell them. There’s a sharp intake of breath, and the immortal words, “You’ll have…

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Objection Prevention Is Better Than Objection Cure

Jumping over objections

Do you get into a tug of war with your prospects and clients at the end of your sales interactions? You know what I mean… It’s when you go back and forth answering their objections, isolating them and all that jazz! Well, it’s far more productive and fruitful if you can handle the objections during the interaction. Prevention is better…

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What To Do If They Ask For Discount

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Although we’ve spoken in the past about avoiding the discount question, there will come a time when we have to face reality and have to discount at some point. What I’m referring to is damage control. How much you give away will affect your profitability, your credibility and the perception of the product or service by the prospect. Start by…

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Responding To Objections

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Many times, when your prospect has had a chance to think about your offer, they come up with observations and comments that stall the progress of the sale. For whatever reason, they are yet to be convinced that you have the answer to their problems. In response to this, many salespeople use a familiar tactic that they’ve heard about, convinced…

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Dealing With The Price Objection


Today, more than ever before, customers are looking at price as a key denominator in the criteria they use to judge the effectiveness of your offer. But many prospects are still hung-up on price and forget the cost justification to themselves or their managers. This element of buying criteria is influential but not overwhelming when it comes to progressing the…

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It’s Better To Handle Objections Before They Occur!

Jumping over objections

How often do you receive objections and resistance from a prospect? And why does it happen? Naturally, the prospect hasn’t had the sense to see what a wonderful product or service you have! But could it be that the way we present could actually be encouraging objections? Here’s one way of putting your product across: “Mr Prospect, I can see…

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How To Overcome The "I’m Not Interested" Objection

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This post is for all of us who prospect or make cold calls whether that be over the telephone or if you turn up unannounced at a prospects premises. How many times do you receive the “I’m not interested” objection before you’ve even told them anything? If you do then you should read some of my cold calling tips because…

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Objection Handling In Sales

Objection Handling In Sales – Ask And All Shall Be Revealed! Faced with an objection? Always ask “What do you mean by that?” PROSPECT “It’s just too much money” YOU “What do you mean by that?” PROSPECT “I just haven’t got enough money left over from wages this month to fund this piece of kit?” YOU “What could you afford…

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Don’t Try and Overcome Objections.

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Don’t Try and Overcome Objections. Ok, this is going to sound like a radical, even crazy idea at first. But if you stick with me, and think about this, you will see that it makes perfect sense. If you’re in the world of selling for any length of time, then you have come up against objections. Objections, a ‘bad word’…

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