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How To Motivate Your Sales Team

Motivating a Sales Team is mission critical to successes. However, it is very easy for a sales manager to THINK that he or she is sufficiently motivating the team simply because no one offers any objection or criticism. Since the […]

Adopt These 5 Traits To Smash Your Sales Targets

Do you want to be mediocre, average, unexceptional or ordinary? Thought not! Those aren’t qualities that usually come to mind when we consider successful salespeople. We like to think of ourselves as successful, positive, popular, prosperous and, yes, outstanding. So, […]

Make Your Brand Stand Out Against The Competition

Brand is often described as ‘a variety of something distinguished by some distinctive characteristic’. Apple’s brand, for instance, is characterised by the statement ‘Think Different’. It creates a label in people’s mind that attracts them and builds trust in the […]

A Change In Mindset Can Smash Your Sales Targets

I was talking to a sales manager recently, who was concerned about one of his salespeople. This person was suffering from a negative mind-set, where if he didn’t sell or at least get the appointments he wanted, he felt very […]

The Sales Force Awakens

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and welcome to 2016! If you’re like me, I have been champing at the bit to get back! Working in sales can take its toll over the year so I always use the […]

How To Elevate Your Credibility In Sales

We are supposedly exposed to over 5,000 marketing, advertising and other types of messages each day. Personally, I think it’s a lot more, especially when you think of how many emails we get! What does this mean to a hard-working, […]

Here’s Your 2016 Sales Planner

It’s coming up to that time of the year where we review what we’ve accomplished in 2015 and look ahead to 2016. To that end, I have created a special report that will help you and your sales teams to […]

Why USP Is No Longer ‘Unique Selling Proposition’…

Whenever salespeople start talking about their products to prospects, the inevitable question about ‘what makes you different?’ will always crop up. Prospects want to know that they are getting a great product at a great price with great back-up. In […]

Is A Career In Sales The Right Career For You?

So, you’ve been in your current role for a few years and achieved a relative degree of success. Now, though, you’ve seen your enthusiasm and drive start to wane. You’re concerned because you don’t want to look back in five […]

The Complete A-Z Guide To Success In Sales

There is a saying that goes: “Many people want to have before they be and do. The truth is that you need to be and do before you have.” I’m sure you’ve heard people say that they will do things […]

Can You Create Selling Opportunities Out Of Nothing?

One of the keys to opening the door to a buyer’s wallet is to determine the position they are in at this moment, and how that position could change in the future. It’s really important to ascertain the ‘mode’ that […]

The Customer Asks, “Why Should We Use You?”

So, you’ve got to the part of the conversation where the customer asks the £64,000 question, hence indicating they are interested but haven’t yet been persuaded to think seriously about your solution. What do they really want and need when […]