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New To Sales? 5 Ways To Make Yourself More Valuable

We often see people who are new in sales on our programmes, some of whom having even started selling yet. They ask my trainers how they can quickly get up to speed and get results. We offer some suggestions and […]

Use These DVP’s To Blow Your Prospect Away

When salespeople approach new or existing clients, there is always a form of anticipation, as they wonder how their ideas, products, services and offerings will be accepted by the otential buyer. On occasions, we see them very well-prepared, identifying goals […]

6 Main Components That Create Sales Excellence

Excellence is a word that is bandied about so much these days that it can often lose its meaning or its differentiation. The dictionary defines it as ‘being exceptional, being superior in some way, achieving extreme merit, preeminence or distinction’. […]

Watch This Short Sales Meeting Video To Fire You Up

I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for motivation. Whatever I can get to drive me forward and help me achieve my goals is like gold dust, as it overcomes all the negativity that we often experience. Sometimes, we come across […]

7 Ways To Avoid A Sales Rut

We often hear sales managers talk about their salespeople’s performance and how they can manage it effectively. They talk of motivation and engagement and how they can keep their people performing at the top of their game. There are effectively […]

5 Steps To Nail Your Sales Job Interview

This is a guest blog written by Stephanie Earle from Simply Sales Jobs Job interviews are often a nerve-wracking prospect, especially if it’s a job you’d really love! Don’t be daunted by the prospect, as a salesperson you’re in the […]

7 Ways To Build Value In The Customer’s Eyes

A recent straw-poll that we carried out with a series of buyers showed a interesting fact about how salespeople approach concerns that those buyers have. We asked the question concerning how often salespeople resort to lowering their prices when price […]

4 Steps To Become More ‘Sales Savvy’

Being sales savvy is to have the business acumen, practical knowledge and active ability to carry out your sales job effectively and efficiently. Most salespeople would mark themselves fairly high when asked if they are savvy when it comes to […]

Are Your KPI’s In The Way Of Your KRA’s?

Most salespeople we train know they need to achieve their KPI’s, as this is the key measurement against which their performance is analysed. Normally these performance areas revolve around the number of calls they need to make, the amount of […]

How To Overcome 3 Main Limiting Beliefs In Sales

I remember seeing a psychologist on TV talking about how he worked with people on how to change their lives for the better. He succeeded with some people and had not such big success with others. When asked what made […]

Looking At Sales Success From A Different Perspective

One of my team has been running a successful sales programme for a large international client and, during one of our recent meetings; he mentioned how the client’s sales teams have been intrigued by our perspective on selling in the […]

How To “Switch On” When It Comes To Your Sales

I once owned an old house and had to have it rewired. The electrics were basically shot and the place could have been a firetrap if I didn’t have something done pretty quickly. The electrician worked hard to ensure everything […]