Retail Sales Training Tips

What Do Our Retail Customers Expect From Us?


When customers step through the door, they expect a certain level of customer service. Your customer will expect an experience that is free-flowing and completely hassle free and can set you apart from your competitors if you do it right. Each and every customer wants a unique experience where they feel like they are the only customer you have –…

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Unearthing Customer Needs During A Retail Sales Interaction

A sales person asking a customer some questions

  Good discovery skills are essential if you are to reach the top level of retail sales: being recognised as a trusted advisor by your customers. When you are in this position people will talk more openly to you and tell you what they want to buy, and even how to help them to do it! Not every customer is…

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12 Important Product Knowledge Topics In Retail Sales

Istanbul, Turkey. Bright Premise Of A Modern Sho

This may sound a quite simple topic but you really need to have deep understanding of your product knowledge with regards to what you sell. There’s much more to it than just understanding features and benefits. There are a wide range of product knowledge areas that will be instrumental in reaching the ultimate outcome of a transaction. This means that…

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Two Quick Retail Sales Tips

Woman using debit terminal in retail store to make a purchase.

I was in Dublin recently with a MAJOR player in the food retail industry and it reminded me of two of the very best retail sales tips that every store should use. So it doesn’t matter what you sell in your store, use them! And if you don’t sell in retail then next time you are in a store see…

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How To Avoid “I’m Just Looking”

Darts with Avoid word

If you work in the retail industry then this tip is just for you! No doubt, if you have worked on the shop floor, hearing those three dreaded words “I’m Just Looking” have annoyed you, aggravated you and made you quite angry at times. Well, many customers will say this as a stimulus response to get you off their back…

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Dealing With ‘I Want To Shop Around’


These words can cause you to deflate and give up immediately, because it means in your mind that nothing you can do can influence the shopper. No matter what you say, they’ll go somewhere else anyway, so what’s the point? Why do prospective customers say this? The answer’s pretty simple. They haven’t yet been convinced that your solution deals with…

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Is “I’m Just Looking” An Objection In Retail Selling Situations?

Sale, fashion, consumerism and people concept. Happy young woman choosing clothes in mall

It is incredible that three mere words from a total stranger will often create fear, frustration and feebleness in some of the most experienced sales people. The extremely common response of “I’M JUST LOOKING,” from a prospective customer, actually causes some retail sales reps to walk away and WAIT for the prospect to convert him or herself into a buyer….

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3 Steps to Handle the “I’m Just Looking,” Objection

Two Women In The Clothes Shop

“May I help you Sir?” “No…I’m just looking…” “Arrrrrrgh!” Those words, “I’m just looking,” often strike terror in the heart of many sales people, anger and frustration in some and a sense of helplessness in others.  This one extremely common phrase causes some retail sales people to simply throw up their hands, walk away from the prospect and wait until…

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8 Reasons Why We Lose Customers

Saying no to a salesperson

How many customers have you lost in the past year or two? Are you certain of that number? How many have simply stopped buying from you, but you don’t know it? Remember; people don’t stop buying, they just stop buying from you. Why do we lose customers? Well there are many reasons, some of which are below. But the interesting…

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Get Out Of Denial and Provide Outstanding Service

Businessman with five stars

A really interesting survey was carried out by an American company called ‘Success Masters’. They asked their clients to complete a ‘Customer Service Evaluation’ form, where, amongst other questions, they asked this one: “How many customers walk away from an encounter with you or your staff “absolutely astonished” at the level of Service you have provided for  them”? They were…

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