Sales Commission

The 11 Worst Excuses Sales People Make When They Miss Their Targets

When I managed a team of salespeople it was always interesting to hold meetings with them when their targets hadn’t been met. I often had to smile to myself when they were avoiding eye-contact, rubbing their hands together, breathing heavily, umming and erring as they tried to find specific reasons to back up their poor performance. It’s natural for someone…

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Are Commission Only Sales People Bonkers?

“What?! Work in a straight, commission only position? Are you nuts?” “On commission only, it’s one week you got it, one week you don’t.” “Commission only is more about luck…” “With a commission only…YOU CAN WRITE YOUR OWN PAY CHEQUE AND BE YOUR OWN BOSS!” You have heard all of these sentiments before and the question arises as to exactly…

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How Should You Pay A Telesales Staff To Set Appointments?

More and more companies are electing to employ their own in-house telesales staff to set appointments for the field sales teams. With fierce competition, a recovering economy and fuel prices at all-time highs, this only makes sense. The question that arises though is how do you compensate this inside sales team? I can tell you that the most obvious answer…

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How To Pay Your Telesales Team To SELL Appointments

In the recent post, “How to Compensate A Telesales Staff To Set Appointments,” I explained some of the major problems that arise when you choose to compensate telesales representatives (TSRs) with commissions on closed sales. Problems When Paying TSRs on Closed Sales The TSR begins to look for sales rather than just set good appointments. The TSR looks for the…

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How to Compensate A Telesales Staff To Set Appointments

With competition becoming fiercer, the economy sending fuel prices through the roof and buyers becoming more reluctant to telephone sales calls, more firms are choosing to employ their own in-house telesales staff to set appointments for the field sales teams.  The immediate question that arises is what and how do you pay this inside sales force? Commission on the Sale…

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Sales Commission Tactics

Cartoon holding cards and cash

I received a great email from a Sales Director the other day. He was in charge of the sales operation for a B2B engineering firm and he was dipping his toe into employing some telesales staff to set appointments for his field sales teams. “Sean, how do I set the commission levels for my telesales people? I’d like to offer…

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