Sales Copy

How To Make An Impact With Sales Letters

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What’s the first thing you do when you get a sales letter? (That is, if you actually read it?!) You probably skim it through, read the headings, get a gist of what it’s trying to sell you, and then…? Well, research has shown that when a customer actually does read a sales letter, they invariably look to the end of…

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Think About Your Own Headlines When You Sell

You’ve probably heard a million times over that the most important part of an advert is it’s headline. Why? Well, that’s because it grabs your attention and makes you want to read on further! Well, the same can be said for your openings in what you say and the headlines that you write in your prosposals and emails. It is…

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Sales Copy Tips

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Here are two effective sales copy tips… If you are writing a sales letter or a direct mail piece you should always include an attention grabbing headline and a PS at the end of the letter. A HEADLINE – This grabs the readers attention and makes them curious to find out more. If your letters do not have a headline…

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Sales Copy Nuggets

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Here are some top tips when writing sales copy: “The headlines and sub headlines that you write will make or break your copy. You need to create curiosity and the desire for them to read on!” “Focus on benefits and what your products and services will do for your prospect/client” “Use bullet points to explain features and benefits rather than…

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