Sales Interactions

The Key Sales Skills Of The Modern Sales Professional

Modern salesman working out calculation

The global situation we face means that literally everything has changed in the last few years. Change is the only constant, and businesses who have fallen by the wayside lay as epitaphs to the inability of many organisations to recognise how they have to adapt to the real world of today and the future. The sales profession is no different….

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The Top 5 Phrases That Will Close The Deal With Your Prospect

Two women shaking hands over a contract

We had an enquiry last month from a sales manager who asked us to work with his sales team for half-a-day on closing techniques. He said his team was good at relationship-building but when it came to the close, they needed help. They simply didn’t know what to say to get the order without it appearing to put pressure on…

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How To Create A Sense Of Urgency In The Sale

Urgent Stamp

The sales interaction went well. The prospect seems very interested, and you feel that you have covered all of the possible objections. However, the prospect sees no reason or need to act NOW. Even though you can expose problems the buyer is having, unless the prospect can see an urgent reason to act today, the natural reaction is to stall, to…

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How To Build Value In A Sales Presentation

value wording

Increase the value, or the perceived value of what you sell, and you will make more sales! You have to have ways to raise the value of your product or service. By that, I mean, when the buyer feels that the return, is greater than the investment, you will close more sales. The sale often takes place when the prospect feels…

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How To Differentiate Between What The Customer Wants & Needs

wants and needs

In conversations with salespeople, we sometimes ask if they know the differences between prospects’ needs and prospects’ wants. It may sound pedantic, but it can make a real difference in presenting solutions. Oftentimes, prospects will confuse their wants with their needs and vice versa. Their needs often revolve around the business; their wants often revolve around their personal gains. For…

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7 Key Phrases That Will Spark Your Sales Interactions

woman speaking

Salespeople are great conversationalists. That is, they find it easy to discuss opportunities and possibilities with prospects, listening to their needs and wants, and working with them to deliver great products and services. But once in a while, you need a pep up, a lifting of the spirits. Especially if things aren’t going well and sales are drying up. Well,…

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Improve Your Sales Conversations With These 4 Simple Steps

Businesswoman Showing Sales Graphs

There’s a great strategy in communication that, I promise, will revolutionise the way you gain an understanding and rapport with a prospect. It’s something that I have to practice time and time again, as it doesn’t always come naturally in conversation; but when it does, it works well and gives you that clarity that so many conversations lack. The process…

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Going Beyond Features And Benefits…

Extra mile green sign

Features and benefits – as sales people you must master these with regards to your products and services. How many times have you been told in training courses that people don’t buy features, they only buy benefits? This is very true, as the brain doesn’t compute what the product ‘does’, it only listens to what it will do for me….

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3 Powerful Ways To Handle The Prospect Who Demands Price Before Presentation


You’ve been there before; ten minutes into the sales interaction, the prospect is demanding to know the price. You do what you can to avoid divulging the price prematurely, but the prospect insists. If you sell a product or service such that it is impossible to quote a price until later in the process, that helps. However, when you have…

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7 Sales Phrases You Need To Use To Become More Assertive

Businessman With His Arms Cross

It sounds strange that a salesperson could be considered non-assertive. Surely assertiveness is a key constituent of being in sales, isn’t it? Surprisingly, many salespeople lack the resources required to behave assertively. This may come across as submissive, passive-aggressive or even overtly aggressive at times. So, what phrases can you use in sales that will show an assertive disposition without…

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