Sales Mindset

How To Achieve A Healthy Sales Mindset

We often get salespeople on our programs discussing the most important aspect of sales, and many consider the sales processes that they follow as the most important aspects that will keep the sales and commissions rolling in. However, we always point out that you could have the best processes in the industry, the most valuable product in the market place,…

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5 Components Of A Successful Salesperson’s Belief System

Believe in Potential keyboard

What is a belief system? Wiki would have it described as a mental representation of an attitude oriented toward the likelihood of something being true. I like that concept, because it identifies a model that supports the way someone likes to behave, based on a system that supports those beliefs. That means it can’t always be supported by empirical formulae,…

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What To Do To Make Yourself OUTSTANDING!

Stickman standing out from the crowd

We had a call from a company recently, trying to sell us business insurance. They had cold-called our support team and wanted to know if we already had business insurance for various aspects of our company. We said we had, but they were insistent in asking us how much we paid, when our current insurance runs out and other such…

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How To Map Out Your Buyer’s Journey Pre & Post-Sale

Business people with business map

Here’s a question to get you thinking: What do you need to do today, tomorrow and next week that would have the biggest impact on your business growth? It’s a far-reaching question that determines how and where you should be spending your valuable time. It focuses on what are the most significant areas for you to concentrate and focus on…

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Should You Always Agree With Your Client?

Business people agreeing and disagreeing

“The customer is always right” I’m sure you’ve heard these oft-quoted words from Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of the department store that bears his name. And how often have you thought of those words and cringed when the customer you are with has said something you know is definitely the wrong side of wrong? Alexander Kjerulf is an independent…

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Why ‘Saying’ And ‘Being Believed’ Are Two Different Things

Saleswoman shaking hands with client

When I was growing up, my uncle had some ideas that, in this modern world, would seem laughable. Yet, in those days, we had no social media and a mobile phone was a brick attached to a 16lb battery! Yes, things were a little different then. One of my uncle’s ideas was that ‘if it’s in the paper, it’s true’….

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3 Top Qualities Of The Modern-Day Sales Professional

Modern day salespeople with report

I talk constantly about the modern-day buyer and how they have evolved from those of the past. However, the modern-day seller must evolve as well. Short and sweet, here are the three top qualities of the modern-day sales professional. Today’s Sales Professional is an Expert Today’s modern consumer is educated and has access to more information about you and what you…

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How To Go From Salesperson To Sales Consultant

Above view of a sales consultant shaking hands

You will be aware of the changing nature of sales, driven by the ever-evolving requirements of businesses and their decision-makers. The old way of selling (cold-call, qualify, present, resolve, close) is being superseded by the consultative and insightful approach of analysing needs and wants before creating options for a successful future for businesses. This means we have to work on…

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Habits Of Ineffective Salespeople, Don’t Talk About Your Products & A Quote From Jim Rohn

Episode 13 – Habits Of Ineffective Salespeople, Don’t Talk About Your Products & A Quote From Jim Rohn This podcast includes: The habits of highly ineffective salespeople Why you shouldn’t talk about your products A quote from Jim Rohn Take a look at this episode on

How To Turn Failure Into Success In Sales

Success Failure road sign

Let me say something that, on the face of it, may sound puzzling. You learn more when things are going badly than when they are going well. Go on, admit it…that’s an interesting statement (even if you don’t agree with it!) What I’m referring to is the fact that no-one goes through life being successful every time. The only way…

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