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How To Avoid The Biggest Presentation Mistakes

Many salespeople tell us they enjoy presenting solutions to prospects, but are disappointed with the way they are received. One of the most participative parts of our sales courses involve areas where solutions are presented to prospects, and we can […]

Tailor Your Presentations For Specific Customers

So you’ve found out what the client wants and listened to their many needs. You’ve asked the right questions and got to the main areas of concern. Now you’re ready to present the solutions and convince the prospect you have […]

How To Deal With Competitive Bidding

It’s obvious why companies go out to tender for work, as it offers them the most benefits with the least work. They know that you will cut your costs to try to beat your competition, and you often do. What […]

When They Have To Get The Approval Of Others

Even though you’ve done your homework on the prospect, there’s always the chance that they will have to gain the approval of others in the company before they make the decision. If that’s the case, here are four tips in […]

Make Your Presentation Come Alive

I’ve sat through literally hundreds of presentations by salespeople trying to sell me their products or services. And most of them have been from companies I have actually asked to come in and tell me about their products. Whether they […]

Creating Powerful Selling Statements

It matters not how good your product or service if you are unable to get the customer interested in on and convincing them that the best use of their time right now is being with you. You can do this […]

The Skill of Collaborative Interaction

The quality of your questioning and listening skills can have a profound effect on your professional success in sales. Ask most prospects what skills they most admire in their suppliers’ representatives, and you can rest assured that ‘listening to our […]

The Beauty Parade Sales Presentation Myth

Do you have to conduct sales presentations to win business? If so, you’ve most likely referred to them as beauty parades. This is where your prospect has given you and 3 other vendors a list of requirements and have asked […]

Do Unto Others Does Not Work In Sales

If you didn”t know already I offer one off sales coaching sessions either face to face or over the telephone to cover certain aspects of your selling if you need a boost. Call it “Pay as you go!” sales coaching! […]

Learn How To Keep Things Short

Today, everyone is strapped for time. The job and family demands placed upon our prospects and clients are greater now than at anytime in history. So the last thing that they need is a sales person coming and talking their […]

How A £40 Birthday Cake Cost £300 To Make

Marks And Spencers “GOT IT” at the weekend. They well and truly understood the importance of lifetime value and the damage that negative word of mouth can have on their business. It was my daughter Holly’s 3rd birthday party yesterday. […]

Stop Overselling And Know When To Shut Up!

My biggest fault as a salesperson is when I oversell our services and products. There you have it! I’m opening myself up to you! I feel like I’m at confession! (Not that I’ve been to confession before I hasten to […]