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How To Report The News – Funny Video

Funny video

As you probably know I am always looking for tell tale signs of sales scripts being used, blueprints that sales people are working from and basically “how things are put together” Ok, I’m a nosey bugger! But it keeps me ahead of the game. I’m a nightmare when I’m sold to too! I’m probably analysing what the sales person is…

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McDonalds Piccadilly Circus – Genius Marketing

Yes, I’m partial to the odd Big Mac every now and again but more to the point I’ve watched with interest over the years how McDonalds have re-branded themselves. We went from Ronald McDonald to “I’m lovin it” in a short space of time. Now, here’s something to check out… McDonald’s launched a new interactive sign where passers-by can interact…

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The Goods: A new "Hard Sell" movie to watch

Distance Learning Online Search Interface

If you’re like me and love great sales movies like Wall Street, Bioler Room and Glengarry Glen Ross then you might want to check out the comedy movie “The Goods” “The Goods” is based on a car dealership and all of the tricks, the cunning and the daily lives of shady car salesmen! Example! Sales Manager to Sales Executive about…

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Don’t Forget Your Call To Action!

Something nice and light for a Friday… Whether it’s selling, marketing or getting your kids to do something – you need a call to action! Unlike the writer of this advert for a COMEDY WRITER/TOUR MANAGER! I’d love to reply to the job advert….but how! Lesson – never forget your call to action! Happy selling! Sean Sean McPheat “The UK’s…

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The Badger Car Salesman – Tired Of Being Badgered?

This video makes me laugh everytime I watch it. I love the very last example of selling “You get a fishing hook, put on a little bait and wait until they bite. Ask them questions as though you’re interested and once you get their trust – KERPOWEEE! you just sold a car!” [putvideo]i-SK1-iILlY[/putvideo] Happy selling! Sean Sean McPheat MTD Sales…

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It Is Not Enough That I Succeed Everyone Else Must Fail

Watching the UK version of Hell’s Kitchen last night, Marco Pierre White came out with a quote that he said came from Attila The Hun: “It is not enough that I succeed, everyone else must fail” Now I don’t know whether that saying actually came from Attila The Hun but it’s an interesting one isn’t it? It assumes that the…

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Microsoft Office Labs Vision For 2019

We’re all concerned with the future, what with the state of the economy and how it’s going to go. But how will the future affect the way that we sell? Not in terms of the economy but in terms of technology. If you’re still in the sales profession in 10 years time, what communication tools will be available then and…

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7 Sales Bloopers George Bush Style!

Over the years I’ve been out on the road with hundreds of sales people to see what they do and how they do it. And some of the things that I’ve heard have left me speechless to say the least. Now a well known former president of the USA was well known for getting his words mixed up so I…

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Sean McPheat Heavyweight Champion!

Sean McPheat – “The Heavyweight Champion Of The World When It Comes To Selling To The Modern Buyer Of Today” Hi there, Got a bit of self indulgence here! When delivering a keynotes speaking gig recently I was referred to as The Heavyweight Champion Of The World When It Comes To Selling To The Modern Buyer Of Today I was…

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Mushroom Management RIP

Sales manager with his team

I’ve got something a little more light hearted for you today! You’ve heard of various sales management styles to avoid right? You know, like Mushroom Management! – These sales managers keep you in the dark and feed you manure every now and then! Well, here at MTD Sales Training we have come up with a list of management styles that…

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