Cementing An Appointment

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How many of your appointments cry off at the last minute?

Maybe it’s down to the fact that you are not confirming them in the right way.

Here’s a way to make the appointment stick!

Just remember the word cement. C-E-M-E-N-T

C – Confirm
Confirm or re-confirm addresses, telephone numbers, and the dates and times

E – Explain
Briefly re-explain what you are going to do. Basically you want to tell them what you just told them

M – Many Thanks or Much Obliged
Thank the prospect for their time and for the upcoming appointment time

E – Exonerate
Absolve the prospect for this decision and reassure them that it is the right thing to do
(Ammunition for buyer’s remorse)

N – Numbers
The logic that helps the prospect keep the appointment set. Mention some brief numbers that seal the decision with logic.

T – Terminate with Tact
Get off the telephone SLOWLY! Always let prospect hang up first

This may sound like a lot, but it is actually very simple and quick:

“Yes, ok. 9:15 in the morning will be fine.”

Sales Person:
“Thanks, Mark. I appreciate your time. Now let me just double check. You are in the Midas Building on Swinton Avenue, is that right near Town Hall Road?

“Yes, actually, it is on the corner of Town Hall Road”

Sales Person:
“And exactly where is your office, Mark?”

“When you come in the main entrance, just turn left, and you will see the glass doors that say Halsbert Maintenance.”

Sales Person:
“Great. And are going to meet me there this coming Friday, that is the 8th, at 9:15 am, is that right?”


Sales Person:
“Once again, thanks for your time next week, and I’m sure you’ll find the information I will leave with you is really useful. As I mentioned, we will just sit down for a half an hour or so and I will show you how our new technology can save you lots of man hours—as much as 55%. Oh, also, Mark do you have a pen handy—let me give you my number in case anything comes up.”

“Go ahead.”

Sales Person:
“That’s Linda Johnson…….with New Day Maintenance Supplies. And my office is 0843 849 6900. My mobile is 0743 844 8181. Please give me a call should anything come up.”


Sales Person:
“Mark, again, thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting with you on Friday.”

It was not a long drawn out speech, but she did not rush off of the telephone. That is a solid appointment!



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Originally published: 2 June, 2009