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Person making a phonecallCold Calling Tips – 5 Top Tips For More Effective Cold Calling

Cold Calling Tip # 1 – Lose the smile and dial

Don’t be all enthusiastic and over the top when you make your calls. You just sound so false and like the other 20 people who’ve called your prospect that day!

Cold Calling Tip # 2 – Sell the appointment

When setting appointments sell the reasons for setting the appointment and not your product or service. Any objections should be met with “That’s why we should get together!

Cold Calling Tip # 3 – Getting voicemails returned

Don’t leave a big long message about what you are about and why you called. You need to sell the callback not your products and services.

Cold Calling Tip # 4 – Planned not canned call scripts

Rather than working with a script use a framework. If you get sidetracked when using a script it can really throw you so use some guidelines and a framework and be flexible.

Cold Calling Tip # 5 – Learn how to spot a gatekeeper screen

There are two types of screens: BLIND SCREENS and INVESTIGATIVE SCREENS.

A blind screen is one where if your name is not recognised you do not get through and an invstigative screen is when they ask you screening questions BEFORE they tell you that the gatekeeper is not available! Click here for some further information on gatekeeper screens

Carry out these tips and enjoy the success you’ll have with your cold calling!

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Originally published: 12 August, 2008