Create A Marketing Message That Aligns With Your Brand

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24 June, 2011

Marketing written on chalkboardHow many marketing messages do you get bombarded with every day?

Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands?

Reasearch shows that most of us see up to ten times more advertising through subliminal messages than we did even 10 years ago.

What does all this marketing achieve? Well, for the companies involved, it builds up a reputation, an image, an emotional connection with the brand. If I were to mention McDonalds, for example, you would have some kind of emotional reaction to it, based on your conditioning, experiences, word-of-mouth commentary or programming in connection with the word.

So, in an environmnet where we are all immersed in this world of branding, you need to ask yourself,

What do I want to stand for?

What messages do I want to convey to my customers?

What image do I want to portray?

What ways do I want to communicate with my prospects and why does it matter?

Well, it matters because you can create a picture, an image or an emotion that connects you with your customer base. You can make them think about you and your services by creating a strong metaphor between you and your products.

This kind of metaphor gives people a ‘cheat sheet’ for understanding what you do. It makes the business you are in make sense to the customer.

For example, if you are ‘The Rolls-Royce of the sandwich industry’, what message does that convey? One of high quality, taste, style and premium price! You don’t have to explain much more when you use a strategic metaphor.

If you consider yourself the ‘Nike of Consulting Services”, you’re portraying that whatever challenge you are faced with, you will ‘just do it”!

Firstly, identify what message you would like to convey to your prospects. Then, take a look at the top 100 global brands and find a brand that could be aligned to your marketing message.

You might want to be known as quality and aspirational, so you could call yourself the ‘Rolex’ of your industry.

You might want to be associated with precision engineering, so you could align yourself with being the ‘Mercedes-Benz’ of your industry.

If your goal is to be seen as speedy and reliable, maybe you could be the ‘Fed-Ex’ of the business world.

A quick link to a world-renowned company may open up an opportunity to discuss your services quicker, because the customer will immediately identify with your analogy and link the message you are conveying with the brand you specify.

Try it out. Think of what you want to be known for and then match up which brand epitomises that image. Let me know what brand you would like to align with and I’ll mention them in a future blog.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat
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