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Increasing valueI watched a very interesting documentary on Channel 4 last night called Czech Dream.

It was about two students who decided, through effective advertising, to open a hypermarket that would never exist to see if people would get drawn in with the advertising methods and hype surrounding it’s cheap prices and dreamy world promises.

So, through TV, leaflets, radio,  billboards etc this “imaginary hypermarket” was advertised. The adverts were pretty unique in that they were simple, clean like the one below.


They would have words in Czech in the bubble above that would say “Don’t go” “Don’t pay money” and then at the bottom it would say “Opening 31st May, you’ll find out where soon”

It was pretty smart advertising and it proved the power of advertising when over 2,000 people turned up for the opening and there was no store there!

So what are the sales and marketing lessons from this?

1. Done correctly an advertising campaign can create the buzz and hype about your product

2. You need to be different in your advertising to create curiosity. They were saying “Don’t go” and “Don’t come” Everyone in the city was talking about this approach

3. It just shows you that you can have a rubbish product or even no product and still create a marketing buzz!

4. People can be easily influenced and swayed with words

Now, I’m not saying that you should scam people but there are valuable lessons to be learned here!

If you want to find out more about the Czech Dream documentary please visit:  it’s well worth it!

Happy Selling

Sean Mc

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PPS One of the most funniest things about the whole thing was that it was funded with a government grant!

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Originally published: 10 October, 2007